East India Company

  • Yes, absolutely sure.

    The bankruptcy of Lighthouse merely delayed it, they were the publisher, not the developer.

    The company who made the game is the Finnish company Nitro Games. Their new publisher is Paradox Interactive.

    There will be a number of trading items: 11 different export items, from iron to silver wares. There are 12 different generic trade items, from precious stones to rice. And then there are the valuable trade goods, the main trade items in demand everywhere: Coffee, diamonds, exotic furs, gold, ivory, porcelain, silk, spices, and of course, tea.

    That makes 32 items total. Prices change like in Patrician, depending upon supply and demand.

    You can get export items only from your Home Port and they are the cargo you should sell to foreign ports, from Africa to India. They are not as valuable as silk or diamonds for example, but you can still make some profit out of them. Home ports depend on your nation; Netherlands, Holy Roman Empire, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, France, England, Sweden and Spain.

    Generic trade items can be found in foreign ports and they are good supplements when there is not enough main trade items to go around.

    Some videos are posted here: Part 1: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/act…company-developer-movie-1

    Part 2: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/act…ovie-2?tag=videos;title;1

    The speaker has a pretty heavy accent in English, but you can see some parts of the game in action. A number of screenshots are available at the Finnish site: http://plaza.fi/edome/arvostelut/east-india-company-ennakko

    Overall, it looks like a combination of some of the better features of Port Royale and Patrician.

  • Sorry, I messed things up about Lighthouse being the developer. :O

    Sounds promising, indeed (although my stone age GPU probably won't handle it).

    Are there plans for a German version? Our market is pretty spoilt regarding translations, so an "English only" version probably won't be very successful.

  • Interesting Game. :170:

    Probably there is no publisher/distributor for Europe so far. Hopefully they will find one. I would like to give this game a chance.

  • Are there any current news about the game? It should have been released so far. Anybody got a chance to try it out?

  • Hallo zusammen,

    EIC in deutsch gibt es für knapp 40 Euro bei Okaysoft (http://www.okaysoft.de/)

    Man Kann die Händlerseite spielen,
    oder mit einer anderen gestarteten *.exe die Piratenseite (Piratebay)
    seine Erfolge kann man dann online stellen (http://www.eic-game.com/?page=…der&sort=piratepoints&p=1) NBK-Frank = mein Score

    Das Handelssystem ist eher ganz einfach
    Die Kapitäne machen alles selber, kaufen das beste Produkt zum besten Preis.

    Der Schwerpunkt liegt eindeutig bei den Seeschlachen.
    Im Straegiemodus sind die Schiffe dumm wie 5 Tage altes Brot.

    Steuert man seine Schiffe selbst
    (immer nur eines bei max 5 Schiffen die man mitnehem kann)
    kann man effektiver sein, wenn man die anderen Schiffe entern will.


    Für zwischendurch ganz nett.
    Langzeitmotivation hat das Spiel allerdings nicht da die Seeschlachen sich deutlich in die Länge ziehen.
    Größter Schwachpunkt ist die Tatsache das man nur einen Savestand hat.
    Dieser wird angelegt, wenn man das Spiel ordnungsgemäß verläßt. Also nicht Alt F4.
    Seeschlachten kann man nicht abbrechen und neu laden!!!

    Der Workaround hierzu ist etwas tricky. Falls das jemand wissen wll,einfach bei mir melden.

    viele Grüße

  • Da ist ja Port Royal im Vorspann mehr Handelssimulation als dieses Machmerk. Das Demo ist jedenfalls schon wieder gelöscht und ich habe mich einzeln bei jedem Byte auf der Platte entschuldigt.

  • You have to remind, that we are here in the international part of the forum. So we may talk in a language, which is in the world very popular.

    I don't think, that this game would be the right for me, because it doesn't seem to have as much depth as Patrician III, but nice graphics. I think, i shall wait for the new game from Daniel Dumont and have much fun with that. :)

  • You're right, sorry for that.

    So the Conclusion is, that the game does not fulfill what the trailer show? :mad: Well, i will also try out the demo-version. Maybe it is good enough to fill the hole until the next Patrician! :P

  • Well, some impressions at first look:

    Seafights: Similar to PR/PR2. Graphics Nice water, but how the ships drive through the waves, does not look very realistic. The fights took a long time especially if you choose automatic ammunition.

    Trading: too easy -> boring

    diplomacy: not tried in demo-version.

  • If anybodys interested:

    Info on Paradox:


    Forum on Paradox:


    Seems as if theres not much traffic or support from the designers.
    Paradox is just publisher.

    BTW: A great new version of Europa Universalis 2 called FOR THE GLORY is released for 20 euros and theres quite some euphoria in the forum - > see german off Topic andere Spiele

  • Totally agree with you, East India Company is not a bad game in all aspects, but the trade is not as good as found in Patrician or Port Royale, but the ship combat is considerably better. It would be nice to see this style of combat combined with the trade of Patrician/Port Royale.