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    I hope this isn't too late for an answer. The amount of the arbitage is the key. You can for example, in an iron goods producing town, set up a convoy. You can sell potentially thousands of the items. It is mostly a spoiler, since unlimited cash can make the trading end of the game valueless. As well, you can manually start and stop the program, to make up to fifty turn around sales per day.

    Ah! All is clear now.

    Meanwhile, this:…tiplayer-east-india/52181 is what sea combat should look like. I am very afraid they will continue dumbing down the game. After all, it is the fact it isn't easy that keeps me at it.

    In fact, for hardness' sake, I am trying a version of the game with no ship captures at all. P III had too many ships available in the tavern missions. I loved plotting in P II, getting a holk was really a high point in the game.


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    I agree in The Easysness of Seabattles in the PR series. I have never had a game that allwoet to control multipe Ships in fight in a uesefull way.

    If there is a Demo for EIC i will try it.

    A Demo is coming. Meanwhile, this is more like combat at sea should look like:…tiplayer-east-india/52181

    Nice, isn't it?

    Now, instead of cannon only, catapults, ballistae, and some boarding action scenes would make the sea action a lot more fun. Meanwhile, we can practice with EIC. :boat:

    They were terribly easy to play. Boringly so. I had a fit when the ship battles were a single vessel. No chance for tactics, coordinated attacks. I called it PR2Easy2Play.

    Construction of canals would be interesting, more river cities and roads for inland trading. One of my contest games used the roads, which are underutilized by most players.

    The stock market is terribly underdeveloped. Shares of multiple companies, some thriving, some bankrupting should trade.

    I look forward to EIC, and its concepts. I am sure the developers will too, since EIC is in part an imitation of PR and PR2. I think the battle screens will be a big improvement. Lastly, the chance to build some small mining operations, and to build a better looking trading office. Nothing too elaborate, just a small palace ...

    Duke Leto, you missed the whole crash to desktop for the Med contracts, as well as the Patrol missions! Shame on you!

    I was asked too, by Hein, but was unfortunately going on deployment in Afghanistan at the time.

    I would suggest for an English beta Duke Leto, Rookie, Captain Morgan, the Gypsy, and me.

    If once more a moderator would be so kind as to translate ...

    In looking at the game, I decided to do the change to Gdansk last week. As a further handicap, other than the initial free ranging crayers, I have been building my own ships.

    I was due for promotion to Councillor in Luebeck, but at the time of move was Merchant in Gdansk. So, I was promoted twice to Travelling Merchant. I became Councillor in Luebeck a few days afterwards, so moved to initiate the new wall. Gdansk was a narrow call for Mayor. It took a donation for church expansion, and, ahem, some "consultation" with the local election supervisors :shame:. I made Mayor with 32 votes.

    A quick mission to sink Flotzman from the Alderman's office, and then the new city on 23 December. It was right on a cusp; Windau, with fish, timber and wine, or Newcastle after a short wait on the same day, with honey, timber and wine.

    I chose the Windau option. As of 8 February, the wall is laid past the third gate, with constructed segments approaching the first gate.

    That is a significant advance. I chose different cities for the run, Gdansk of course, Thorn, Riga, Oslo, and i waited for the city mission to pick the last, Visby.

    The limit on pirate capture ships makes for more challenging gameplay. The multiple free ships just makes it too easy to build up a fleet, and isn't realistic. There just weren't that many pirates sailing around back then. Forbidding captures? It means you have to trade effectively enough to earn enough money to progress in the game. And, I still think a 16 city map, trade settings and all other settings set to the most difficult level, with complete prohibition on pirate captures, prohibition of the money tricks, and limiting yourself to the home city only, with the ten Alderman Mission cities your only new offices, would make the best contest; objective the largest population by a certain date. Trading in this current game is STILL too easy.

    I anticipate recognition of the second city in December 1301, before Christmas day.

    Cheers, one and all. I need to wrap up before the launch of the East India Company game! :boat:

    Edit Amselfass: done, check

    Yes, absolutely sure.

    The bankruptcy of Lighthouse merely delayed it, they were the publisher, not the developer.

    The company who made the game is the Finnish company Nitro Games. Their new publisher is Paradox Interactive.

    There will be a number of trading items: 11 different export items, from iron to silver wares. There are 12 different generic trade items, from precious stones to rice. And then there are the valuable trade goods, the main trade items in demand everywhere: Coffee, diamonds, exotic furs, gold, ivory, porcelain, silk, spices, and of course, tea.

    That makes 32 items total. Prices change like in Patrician, depending upon supply and demand.

    You can get export items only from your Home Port and they are the cargo you should sell to foreign ports, from Africa to India. They are not as valuable as silk or diamonds for example, but you can still make some profit out of them. Home ports depend on your nation; Netherlands, Holy Roman Empire, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, France, England, Sweden and Spain.

    Generic trade items can be found in foreign ports and they are good supplements when there is not enough main trade items to go around.

    Some videos are posted here: Part 1:…company-developer-movie-1

    Part 2:…ovie-2?tag=videos;title;1

    The speaker has a pretty heavy accent in English, but you can see some parts of the game in action. A number of screenshots are available at the Finnish site:

    Overall, it looks like a combination of some of the better features of Port Royale and Patrician.

    Not really a proposal for a Contest 2010, my dear Amselfass. It is just the overall level of difficulty isn't too great, which is why I decided only to take the pirate crayers and sink the cogs and holks. Otherwise, it is a bit too easy.

    The other current contest which alllows all the little and not so little money tricks isn't appealing. It is like playing poker; it is worthwhile to know the ways a player can bottom deal, or stack the deck, but a great game is one played honestly. Generating endless easy money is like playing Old Maid instead.

    So, I thought a second level, like an invitational which you had to finish the first contest to qualify for, with a sixteen city map, a bit more spread out than the clustered cities of the older contest, and a restriction to a single city, with new trading offices allowed in only the new cities, might be more challenging to us all. Building your hometown up, and generating a new city (Cities, actually!) with the desired goods to support your hometown, takes real talent.

    Thanks for listening. :D

    Actually, you do not need the tavern.

    You can get around it by parking a ship (I used a snaikka) and transferring sailors to it, then firing them to build up the population past 1000. They become beggars, who go to work for you.

    It was successful at the six months date.

    Since a number of us will finish relatively soon, I would like to suggest a follow up contest, available to those who have completed the first round.

    Here are the ideas:

    1. A map of 16 cities, difficulties level set at maximum in all categories.

    2. No additional offices may be built, except in the 10 new cities available as Alderman missions. We build only in the hometown, and build the new cities as colonies.

    3. No tricks; specifically stock manipulation, Levon's Gold Nugget, Arbitrage, the hemp tricks, rapid building; permitted is building in blocks of six, eight, or ten.

    4. This is a business game, primarily to test trading and planning skills. No captures of pirate ships at all permitted, on the high seas or on tavern missions. Sink them, or flee them. Building, and impounding of loans, are allowed to acquire new ships, as is the dowry ship (or ships). Auctioning of built ships, or of impounded ships, is permitted.

    5. No illegal or indictable acts.

    6. I have in mind for the hometown several goods. Efficiently, fish, beer and pitch. Inefficiently, hemp, timber, honey and furs. A mint will be required to be built, started no later than the day of election as mayor.

    7. Objective is to be Alderman, build the hometown to the third wall, and have a certain city population. I think twenty five thousand, excluding beggars, is a decent objective.

    Apparently, there is another factor I was unaware of. It seems that the population must reach 1000, the wall be completely constructed, AND six months must have elapsed since taking the mission. It won't fulfill the contract earlier.

    My wall was finished, construction complete in early July, and the employed population was over 1000. I experimented a bit, adding and leaving out the tavern. The tavern attracts about a hundred more population, primarily beggars. It didn't even trigger when the employed population hit 1100.

    I had always thought the trigger for recognition was reaching an employed population of a thousand and a completed wall. ?( I guess I will have a month or so to construct more buildings ...

    On April 1st, I have 38 ships, and 36 captains. All but two are crayers, and those are the original snaikka and a dowry snaikka. Four shipyards are at three lanterns, and I am rearming my convoy ships with bombards. The second wall in Luebeck is well underway, and in Memel, the wall is fully laid, and complete past the first gate.

    Businesses number 75; could have been more, but I wished to complete the new city foundations first. Daily production is 18,990 GS and CV is a paltry 3.5 million, similarly less due to putting so much money in Memel. And off course, by acquiring only the pirate crayers and forgoing the holks and cogs, and a number of Mediterranean voyages underway, that is a somewhat depressed figure overall.

    Time will tell if the investment in shipyards will pay off. It is an experiment, but the (nearly) all crayer fleet is very nice.

    Just a short note, more statistics tomorrow. I am at April 1, 1331. I replayed, to achieve Memel with fish, wine, and grain. Sigh ... ?(

    In any event, I first killed off a notorious pirate, so lost five days from construction of Memel. I paid an informer for the fact he was off Malmo. First Alderman mission accomplished; one pirate dead with three ships sunk. I then built Memel. On April 1, the last section of the city wall was erected. The wall is complete past the first gate.

    Lots of panic, as the epidemic spreads. The news stations just fuel the fires.

    It isn't 1918-1919. Tamiflu, Relenza are effective. Most cases in the USA are quite mild; same in Europe and Asia so far. It is stage 5, widespread with confirmed human to human transmission.

    Here, in Texas, they are closing schools, cancelling sports meets. There are no cases in my community yet, though we are checking. The test only confirms Influenza A, the CDC has to do the genetic testing.

    The origin looks to be a pig farm outside of Vera Cruz. There appear to have been many hundreds of cases there. It's been around a while, though; there was a confirmed swine flu in the autumn here. CDC didn't much take interest then.

    Over at TSR, someone was commenting that the moneylender only opens an office in the first new town. He does not open an office for lending in any other new town.

    Is that the experience of the German players in the German language version of the game? I haven't built enough new towns to notice this.