Is is possible to mod the game? What's the requirement (city number) to get the city building task from Alderman office?

  • I've got the HD mod from steam forum. But the graphics would feel too slim for now, I guess I've gotten too used to playing it on widescreen monitor without HD resolution. I have since reverted back to non-HD resolution.

    You could say it's cheating, but these are ways to make the game even more fun for us. Cheating with the gold and goods will most probably remove the fun from the game, but removing the limit of city building number will undoubtedly add more fun for most players.

    Though currently I'm still looking at how to modify the goods production of new towns.

    I found that some Chinese softwares called P3 Insight is able to do it, however it only works in Windows XP. It is quite a bit of work for me to search for the correct memory address for city goods production in Cheat Engine.

    I would like some insight here if anybody knows: the alt tab issue (the game keeps crashing when alt tabbing in win 10). I tried several things, like various compatibility modes, analyzing logs and whatnot but ultimately I didn't find much useful info (apphelp.dll will ultimately crash, but this is not the source of the problem; it is just where the game dies).

    Not sure about you, I'm able to alt-tab in Windows 10 to use Cheat Engine without issue. All I had to do is just ticking the box that says "Override high DPI scaling behaviour", which is just below the compatibility modes. Did you try this?

  • I tried the "Override high DPI scaling behavior", but it still doesn't help. Maybe it is related to the patches I tried along time. A clean install of the game could help I guess.
    Regarding the "cheating" part: I meant you can modify any integer in the game: from infinite money to the production of every factory or the number of workers/total population etc. But yes I agree making it to permit founding more cities is a good thing :).
    For the goods offered on the new city there is an in game way: by creating a shortage of a certain product (see this I have translated Tippsammlung_2010 in english ) There is a chapter related.
    It may be hard to find the memory address for the new city production. I would try to scan before and after taking the mission

  • For the goods offered on the new city there is an in game way: by creating a shortage of a certain product (see this I have translated Tippsammlung_2010 in english ) There is a chapter related.

    I've read about that before, but it is way way too much trouble to create shortage of products to get the production I need, and I don't find it fun to do.

    And it is most probably bugged, as it is supposed to just give you whatever production that Hanse needs most, not the next one up alphabetically (in German).

    Easiest and fun way is still just use a cheat program to change the city production, and just build up from there.

  • Oh boy good thing I checked this thread. I started my game with 31 towns, and I thought the game had a 2 settlement limit, not a 26 total town limit upon deciding whether to offer the Alderman mission or not. Once I become Alderman and decide I want to create settlements, I'll do as you showed and I'll probably put the limit on 35, so the other 5 locations can stay as independent pirate nests with no further issues. Thanks for sharing this.

    And was there any luck on finding a way to modify through cheat engine so the settlements offer productions correctly without having to force unnecessary shortages of the wrong products?

    When I cast my eyes over my hometown, and I see how splendidly it has developed over all these years, then I can rightly say with pride: I made my contribution to it.

  • Can You please upload Your Patrician3.exe ?

    Here's mine. I've set the cities limit to 40, so if you still want to do any destroy pirates hideout mission, you'll probably want to avoid building up to 40 cities, as I don't know what will happen when that happen.