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    Oh boy good thing I checked this thread. I started my game with 31 towns, and I thought the game had a 2 settlement limit, not a 26 total town limit upon deciding whether to offer the Alderman mission or not. Once I become Alderman and decide I want to create settlements, I'll do as you showed and I'll probably put the limit on 35, so the other 5 locations can stay as independent pirate nests with no further issues. Thanks for sharing this.

    And was there any luck on finding a way to modify through cheat engine so the settlements offer productions correctly without having to force unnecessary shortages of the wrong products?

    Hello there fellow merchants.

    Patrician III is a game I bought back in 2007 and which I come back to play every few years, I still love how highly detailed it is. This time I want to do so in a bit more efficient way, while still playing how I like to: On Patrician difficulty, step by step, with manual micromanaging as long as possible and no crazy exploits or massive fabrics constructions that I have observed on some public contests. On the wikia I discovered that the 2010 tips pdf was finally translated, so I've been reading it thoroughly. At one point it links to a spreadsheet that can help to increase accuracy on a "manual" management of the central warehouses system. Unfortunately, the spreadsheet itself is still fully in German. I can make up some of the words, but most of it is rather confusing due to the language barrier. Since I'm just starting up again and as mentioned I take it slowly, it will be a fairly long bit before I'm actually at that stage of the game. I know it might be asking much and it might not really be necessary to keep an efficient enough trading system, but I believe the translation could also help other non-German players that choose to play this great game.

    Greetings and dont let Beneke strike again