I have translated Tippsammlung_2010 in english

  • Hello fellow Patrician players,

    over the past 2 months and a couple hundred hours spent translating and reformatting the original Tippsammlung_2010, I am pleased to release a fully english translated version for everyone's reading pleasure.

    It took me lots of time, but it was well worth it - I was curious myself as a long time player what secrets about this magnificent game lay hidden under the german translation, and was surprised of the wealth of knowledge in it.

    I have always been, since I was a kid, a passionate fan of Patrician 3 (I'm by no means good as some players I've read about here, I consider myself intermediate at best) - my hope is that this translated document can bring many new players to enjoy this masterpiece of a game that still holds the test of time, imo (with a high resolution mod it's even better!).

    I do not assume my translation to be perfect as I do not know german, I did my best with the tools and time at my disposal. If you find glaring mistakes, by all means contact me and I will correct them.

    Feel free to share it around, this is my "thank you" gift to the awesome P3 community.

    Take care, Lorenzo

  • OMG, I made an account just to say thank you. So far I had a google translate version (very hard to understand at places).
    I didn't realize the community was still alive. I came back to this game that I played as a child/have a fair amount of knowledge about it. (but the manual is really golden)