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    I tried the "Override high DPI scaling behavior", but it still doesn't help. Maybe it is related to the patches I tried along time. A clean install of the game could help I guess.
    Regarding the "cheating" part: I meant you can modify any integer in the game: from infinite money to the production of every factory or the number of workers/total population etc. But yes I agree making it to permit founding more cities is a good thing :).
    For the goods offered on the new city there is an in game way: by creating a shortage of a certain product (see this I have translated Tippsammlung_2010 in english ) There is a chapter related.
    It may be hard to find the memory address for the new city production. I would try to scan before and after taking the mission

    Hello guys,

    Nice find. Wanted to add you can easily replace every single sound in the game, by simply replacing the associated files in the game folder (the sound files only need to be renamed, game just plays them). You will need mp3 format for this.

    Regarding cheat engine tricks: you can mod basically any value in game (population in a city, how much money you have, how many goods, etc). Careful to type sane values (no huge values; in some cases it doesn't matter), or you will crash the game. You can mess around with this, but ultimately it is cheating :) The technique is identical to what dark3001 described (obviously you need to determine the correct memory address for it).

    I also have some mods (from the internet) that I got some time ago, not sure if you can still find them hosted somewhere but I am willing to share if anyone needs:
    -> high resolution pack (you can play the game full hd <3)

    -> patch to v1.1. This patches the game to work properly on windows 10. (fixes MOST crashes; not all; but still huge improvement).

    I would like some insight here if anybody knows: the alt tab issue (the game keeps crashing when alt tabbing in win 10). I tried several things, like various compatibility modes, analyzing logs and whatnot but ultimately I didn't find much useful info (apphelp.dll will ultimately crash, but this is not the source of the problem; it is just where the game dies).

    Good luck everyone :)

    OMG, I made an account just to say thank you. So far I had a google translate version (very hard to understand at places).
    I didn't realize the community was still alive. I came back to this game that I played as a child/have a fair amount of knowledge about it. (but the manual is really golden)