Progress report 1302

  • Rather poor results.

    May 31, 1302

    CV 21M
    Population 81K
    Ships 275 with 84 captains
    Businesses 445

    I am suffering under a lack of IG and bricks. And my people can forget about getting skins, wine or pottery.

  • Well, also my report: 01. June 1302

    CW: 18,4 million
    Population: 101.756
    businesses: 691
    Ships: 208

    In the moment I have two serous problems:

    1.) My most important brick town baltic sea - Stockholm- is sieged ! First time I couldn´t prevent this with S/L. Damm on it ...

    2.) My cw makes problems without end. I´m nearly helpless and without any idea why I have once again problems. I wouldn´t think and roast brain of it, so I will make the heavy variant of Arbitrage in July or August, if June doesn´t bring a solution.
    I know, not very fine, I don´t really like it (only soft Arbitrage is ok) but other players do so, why not I for time. We will see ... :rolleyes:

    Nur der Pirat ist der wahre Händler, denn nur er hat alle Möglichkeiten (business is war !!! ;) :P

  • July 01, 1302

    CW: 20,5 Millionen
    Population: 106.214
    Businesses: 710
    Ships: 210

    The siege of Stockholm is over and the "night watchers" of the town lost the battle. Bad, very bad ...
    The 2. wall is nearly ready, so I would normaly plunder the town only in case of the "Mandela wall building permission tax" after I payed my part for my buildings. But the dammed prince let this plan go to the rubbish chute and I have to plunder earlier. Who allows the prince to rustle a city treasury of nearly 1 million? I not, so I plundered the town !
    This means, if the wall will be finished in the next days after the siege, I have to pay and can´t plunder again - Bummer!:mecker:
    Also, this turd destroyed 11 busineses during the siege. :mad:

    I suspect a bug in the cw. As a chief accounter I can say this. Of course, the cw isn´t a balance, but this is very strange:
    If I make a fat profit and there stands a fat plus in the sum, the increasing of the cw is low. If I make a loss (minus) in the sum down, the increasing of the cw is high !
    The weekly bill, building and other things have nothing to do with it. So, slowly the cw doesn´t interest me further. :mad:

    Nur der Pirat ist der wahre Händler, denn nur er hat alle Möglichkeiten (business is war !!! ;) :P

  • July 31, 1302

    It's no fun playing. One siege after another. :( Now I will have a severe shortage of IG for the next two months. That means no further expansion.

    Helsinki, loss of 12 brickworks and 3 sawmills
    London, loss of 4 workshops and 5 breweries
    Ladoga, loss of 6 workshops, 4 brickworks and 2 sawmills + 1,200 people moved away
    Harlingen, loss of 6 cattle farms, 5 brickworks, 2 sawmills and 2 saltmakers

    CV 26M
    population 87k
    314 ships
    496 businesses

  • To May 31th

    If hav only two sieges

    In Stettin lost 2 Grainyards

    In Stokholm with loss of 6 Brickworks and 1 Hunter

    CV 21M
    pop 98 K
    Buisnesses 422

    I am realy happy to get 7500 new citizens in one Month.

    Niemand braucht ein einfaches Spiel! Ein gutes Spiel reicht!

    Für die Dunkle Seite! Auch Piraten wollen Handeln!

  • Builder: I'm glad your game is going well. I am pleased with lesser results, such as an increase of population, period. The next siege has announced itself in Scarborough. I'm just thrilled - not ;(

    August 31, 1302

    CV 28M
    population 91 k
    businesses 516

    Still lacking a lot of workers in all towns that have been under siege. Throwing parties has not helped, neither has feeding the poor. At least I have enough CV for my level of population for this year, next year is another story.

  • April 30, 1302

    the first trimester has gone by. The expansion had to be curbed since all businesses in Stettin were down for a month and after the siege 8 cattle ranches, amongst others, were gone. The hordes attacking Stockholm have already flattened several hunting lodges and brickworks.

    I ruined several building lots in Konigsberg - maybe I should start making saves prior to placing buildings.

    Since I have sufficient IG I adjusted the amounts loaded onto the convoys to reflect the actual demand - unoading was already set at the required amount. This brought me an increase in sales of 4 m in one month. Now I have to tinker with arbitrage since my profits ares still below par.

    CV 41.7 M
    population 117,077
    Businesses 759
    Ships - enough for the moment. No new construction going on; all surplus hemp is earmarked for hunting lodges (>400 ships and 108 captains)

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    Wer niemals einen Fehler gemacht hat, hat noch nie etwas neues probiert Albert Einstein

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  • June 30, 1302

    CV 47.3M
    Citizens 127,713
    Ships & captains still enough
    Businesses 823

    Sieges are a severe discomfort in the gluteus maximums, especially in a cattle town. The lack of production makes the rest of the Hanse grumpy an the lack of meat makes it difficult to repopulate the farms; a vicious cycle.

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    Wer niemals einen Fehler gemacht hat, hat noch nie etwas neues probiert Albert Einstein

  • I'm getting sick and tired of all the sieges. It appears to me that the bandits are way more active this year than in last year's contest. I fell like all I use bricks for is to rebuild what has been flattened by bandits and the stoppage and loss of production led to a decline instead an increase of my populatio; and more are still packing thanks to sieges on london (beer and IG), Ladoga (beer & IG), Bergen (beer, pitch, pottery, bricks) Stettin (meat/leather, grain, wool) and Harlignen (salt, meat/leather, grain) Consequently my population is about 10,000 below my goal :(


    CV 63 mio (without use of either Mighty's or Levon's gold tricks)
    citizens: 138 k
    sufficient ships (>500)
    businesses: less by the day but still 898

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    Wer niemals einen Fehler gemacht hat, hat noch nie etwas neues probiert Albert Einstein

  • I decided not to replay. It does not matter at this point in the game if I have 15,000 citizens more or less.

    December 31, 1302:

    CV 54 mio ( somwhoe too much went onto a convoy)
    citizens 145,430
    more than enough ships (tonnage is over 14,000 barrels)in spite of all the sieges still 997 buisinesses

    Due to the many sieges I was forced to ramp up the bier production in Danzig; the Hanse has to be supplied with beer somehow.

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    Wer niemals einen Fehler gemacht hat, hat noch nie etwas neues probiert Albert Einstein

  • I moved in February to Edingburgh and will move to London next month. I already started hauling bricks there. With all that moving action I neglected the remaining Hanse and now have several towns with annoyed citizens. I guess I am going to loose a few thousand people. No biggy, they'll eventually come back. The AI is a major pain in the lower back since those guys build in the most inopportune spaces and have wrecked quite a few building spaces. After London I intend to Helsinki and then to Stettin. I don’t have enough brickyards to complete Helsinki in time for a move to Brugge in August,
    I thought that well over 300 vessels were plenty but I am finding myself short on ships.
    Several sieges have cost me a substantial amount of businesses; one month ended with less than what I had before, in spite of continued building, but at a much-reduced scale since, IMHO wall building comes first.
    I think the annoyed people will not allow me to reach my population goal for the year-end but I still hope to have close to 130 k and sufficient CV to get max points.

    April 30, 1302

    CV 32.7 M
    Population 101,465
    Ships 349 with 98 captains
    Businesses 632

    Happy Easter everyone :wave2:

  • Not much to report. Another move done and two more planned for the year. Nothing new happened except for the same old story, I forget to monitor cities. It helps to change from buying to selling when they get large enough. It is tough to bring the fisher back up to over 300 from 2 :O , or repopulate cattle farms.
    Live and learn - no replays for this sailor/trader. In spite of my moves my CV increased, on average, by about 2.5M/month, that' not great but also not too bad.

    June 30, 1302

    CV 38.8 M
    Population 106,353
    381 ships with 99 captains (not enough!!!)
    563 businesses.

    I strongly believe that participating in a contest like this one provides a steep learning curve, way better than puttering along by yourself.

  • Another quarterly report

    I still have one more move scheduled for the year, namely to Stettin. The increase in population is behind schedule but then that's not too bad since it's still a long way to the end. I don't know if it will be enough to build up the entire Hanse, but I should get to 1310, if I haven't screwed up my lots before then. That should be good enough for a space in mid field (spot 15 - 20) which is just fine for me; I can only get better as the years go by.:D I guess I made the mistake of starting to re-arrange already producing business in the effort to squeeze some additional buildings into the same space, as in one besidse a road gave way to a double-wide block of 4. I also did some reorganization in the towns where I build the 3rd wall.
    And now, thanks to some additional explanations, I should be able to get some larger blocks which did not happen in spite of using the building instructions.

    September 30, 1302
    CV 47 M
    Population 115 k
    Ships 432 with 101 captains
    Businesses 605

    I guess I need at least anouther 200 ships before I hit the 300k mark with my population.

  • The year is done but the results are nothing to write home about. I now manage to build larger blocks:banana: but building sprees will have to wait untill the walls are done. Thanks to 5 moves 7 cities now have their 3rd wall while others are still behind the first wall. As I said, I am learning but will not go back to try it better. One round of the contest per year is enough for me. The only thing I am really happy with, besides the fact that I now mange better use of building space, is my CV. I can't touch the New Wolrd finance whizz (his real CV is over 20 M higher than my "real " one) but I manage very well to date.
    Since we have a holiday coming up I'll try to complete another year this month but am promising nothing.

    December 31, 1302

    CV 41.9 M (I am puzzled where 14 M wnt to :D )
    Population 124,126, that puts me at the back of the 1302 group
    Ships 487 with 102 captains (we are getting there, 198 more than last year)
    Businesses 695 and growing slowly

    Just to make sure, I am not trying to catch anybody, I just play to the best of my abilities and am learning quite a bit. But I am confident that I will be able to give several players who are ahead of me, a run for their money next year. ;)