• Over at Patricianworld, we have a real problem with a spammer. Every day, about a dozen or so posts are made, for pornographic links, drug links, etc. I check it pretty frequently, deleting everything, but he is persistent. Anyone here know the owner of the md-gameinfos.de/patrizier/int/cgi-bin/ikonboard.cgi site? We need a way to prevent the registration of the spammer (he has registered about 200 names now, more every day) and block the posts for good.

    Andreas, Bagaluth were the original folks with the site, but are pretty much long gone. Mac is a monitor, but has no power to do anything with the site, other than delete the posts. He shared his login with me, to help police it. He cannot make more monitors either.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Patricianworld was a nice site, I hate to see it polluted in this way, and its owners seem to have more or less abandoned it. Thanks, all.

  • For starters you need someone with asministrative rights to the forum.
    Then you can block any new registrations and delete the existing accounts of the spammer.
    PN Penguin, he might be able to provide more info.

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  • That is the $64 dollar question. Since the site is German registry, a .de, and Ascaron took it from Strategy First, I thought someone here might know who has those rights.

    Of course, the other Ascaron forum looks abandoned too, since Mirko left.

    If you would be so kind, perhaps some of the general membership in the German section have knowledge of just who in Ascaron is involved. A translated post might help us save the old board from the attacks.

  • Hello Baltik Trader,

    it seems its a hard way to find someone who can make something possible, the old md-gameinfosite is still going away, because they left gameup network (whos still also going).
    The only Chance i see is to search the old Admins, without them you can do nothing what really helps your Community. :(