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    Not altogether alone. Problem was, the Arbitrage trick ruined the game; it provided unlimited money, and took the challenge of building towns away. To answer your question, have no captain aboard the ship. If the crew is all red, fire them and rehire. Attach the ship to a convoy, it will sail.

    One of the old contests I had at the Tavern's Side Room (defunct) involved buying a ship at 1%, sailing it and capturing a pirate to get a jump forward in the game. Good old days ... long gone. :(

    Firstly, you have to send the ship they tell you, not a different one; it has to be in the harbor before the assigned day. Just leave it there. It will automatically begin the guarding of the harbor. When the boycott is over, goods will be very cheap that the town produces, and very high prices for the goods they demand. Load your ship with those goods, it will be first on the scene.

    The optimum is actually a bit different from town to town. The best pricing is to use the market hall, and check the consumption and production figures. If you maintain the supply in the marketplace at a level equal to a few day's consumption, the people remain happy. This is important as the town grows, to keep your employment and morale at maximum. While your manager sells once a day, the captains do so twice a day; a stationary convoy can supply certain goods steadily. Some production goods are bulky enough that it actually pays later on to simply dump them into the marketplace at a loss, and make it up on the smaller high profit items.

    The location of the pirates in the tavern vengeance missions are much like the bride selection; save and reload, different locations will appear. For the bride, once her picture appears, save before accepting. You may alter her age, and the dowry and ship condition change as well.

    Cargo is indeed the fourth criteria; but interesting to try with a lower number. I could build as may ships as I desire; I am holding to Luebeck only deliberately. In early October, I am second on the Luebeck list for mayor. I have the cash to move, at nearly 600,000 in early October, to Reval if I so wish. I do not think I will need to, however. I have been accumulating the materials for the road building. It is not just the ships, by the way, it is the total value of trading that matters most.

    On 1 OCT of 1300 I was promoted to Patrician status in Luebeck. Seven ships, at cargo capacity 93. Company value is just under 1 million; about half of that is in cash.

    Interesting contest; an exercise in minimalism. I built nothing but one warehouse in Luebeck, and as few ships as possible. I added only three new offices, so far. No loans made, no bribes.

    Very much appreciated. It is most kind of you.

    Now one correction: "Pigeons" should be "Doves". In English, a pigeon is someone who has been, or will be, cheated or taken advantage of. A dove is someone peaceful.

    And one question: Is it the average total cargo capacity of the ships throughout the game or just at the date of the Alderman election? Lowest number is best, is it not?

    I notice a new contest! If someone would be so very kind, could the rules be translated to English, in the International Forum? I am not certain the Google translator is accurate, but it seems rather appealing.

    Thanks. :)

    Advancing senility, no doubt. ;) A number of us from TSR have arrived at the Kalypso forum including Rookie (under a different name, Thorin Oakenshield), yellowsz, Truetom, even Robber Baron, and others.

    Don't know why Mac shut it down without notice ... unless it was the conservative politics you kept posting, or the fact I returned for a bit. I contemplate a new TSR site, but want to make sure there is a tavern's side room, after all.

    I wonder if the English language versions and the German language version saved games will be interchangeable. It isn't so for the Patrician III versions. When some German players tried the contests, the games deleted the city names. Blockade " " is a bit hard to figure out! :giggle:

    Captains: As I understand it, no more trading bonus. Great. The price variations between towns are more than sufficient to make money.

    Fighting, sailing skills, both are important. I would like to see the ability to bribe into your own employ top captains of the AI, with a negotiated pay raise. Similarly, rather than a simple demand from your own captain, a bit of bargaining about salary ... something along the line of "Merchant Waldo has approached me to hire me away from you. I wanted to see what you would offer me to stay in your employ." And, not all captains are honest. A bit of thievery, a chance to dismiss him for it, or a captain who goes into outright revolt and goes pirate taking along your ship and your goods would make the game interesting. So too would the captain announcing he is going into business as a competitor trader to you.

    And we definitely need an arsonist/saboteur in the game. Nothing like a competitor's ship catching fire in the harbor to liven up the game. Or, even your own ...

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    Of course, I had to try it out on my laptop for Patrician III. It automatically upgraded the game to Patrician IV, absolutely incredible! You could see sparks flying from the cutlass fights as the pirates boarded your ship, and the Moneylender offered me cutrate loans, and offered to take Hanseatic toxic loans off my hands at premium prices. I even got some gold coins right off of the screen!

    Unfortunately, the salt spray from the screen when I entered the North Sea corroded my laptop keyboard, and the game and computer crashed. I will have to wait a while for a new computer, because the Wattgates I rewired my home with cost so much. And one grave warning ... a friend permitted his girlfriend to plug in a vibrator ... she died, and experts from four different funeral parlors couldn't get the expression off of her face.


    Originally posted by Larsson
    What is violance on marriage ?
    And what is violance on repayed credits ?

    I think this should be allowed (to get some new ships).


    Violence is fighting and physical combat. So, to attack any ship and seize it by force is a violent act. Sinking a pirate ship, while violent, doesn't result in you owning another ship.

    Marriage, hopefully, isn't violent :wife: :crazy: (although I guess it can be!) and the ship is not acquired by force. Neither is a seizure through a defaulted loan at the moneylender. So, building, dowry, and impounds are fine. Auctioning an older ship should be fine, too, including any seized in an impound, if one is so minded.

    Davylad , okay, no privateers, no commissioned pirates in your employ.

    Other criminal acts though ... hiding goods, smuggling, using a burglar, are nonviolent, involve minimal amounts of reward, and probably should be left to the conscience of the individual. Just like impounds through usury, or bribing a councillor to get out of an indecent acts or heresy accusation. After all, it does build reputation, even on the bad side. :schaukel:

    Larsson, what do you think?

    With only one office with a moneylender until new towns are constructed, that is certainly reasonable. It would take quite a while to accumulate ships, slower than if you were to devote the cash to construction. The numbers are not excessive, either, if confined to one office. Later on with the new cities, it won't gimmick the game either.

    The Patrol assignments, Avenge-My-Brother, Escort/Fugitive along with the naturally spawned pirates generate more ships than the combined shipyards of the Hanse could possibly build in the same amount of time. That is quite excessive. Ships were expensive, precious, and quite hard to come by.

    Smuggling should be fair game, too. So should giving a ship to pirates, if you are so minded.

    Lubeck, and the Alderman mission towns. No other offices.

    I had a newbuild snaikka launched by early October, or a crayer by mid October, just experimenting. The start is a bit slow, but it mushrooms quickly. Mostly a matter of managing supply chains and scarcity.

    So, no acquisitions of ships by violence (covers marriage, etc). No arbitrage. No tricks not in the spirit of the game. No attacks on cities.

    Should be fun.

    Got it; it runs fine.

    I was able to get good, profitable trades running quickly (for Patrician settings, that is). It would make a very fair game, challenging. Building is difficult, but not impossible at all. I had a trade running in iron goods in the first month. PMs coming. :170:

    Wool and cloth should be okay, so too hemp, honey, grain, wine and ore.

    Patrician+ is all the settings set to the hardest possible. The Landlord is more prone to attack, the pirates full crews. You can set one option to normal, and still be at Patrician difficulty.

    Yes, I want to prohibit captures of pirates, either in tavern missions, or in the spawned non-adalbert pirates. No white ship captures either. It is possible, I think. But for compromise, we could start with 3 or 4 snaikkas (captured in a pregame with the save then sent out.)

    The English modified maps, if loaded into the German language game, have problems Larsson. The game doesn't load the city names. Patrol missions are a little difficult that way ... :giggle: So are blockades. The same problem happens to a lesser degree in the American version with German language loaded games. Edinburgh messages have no city in the mail notice, ever. Patrol missions are never paid a bonus for interception of pirate ships either.

    Lubeck would be fine, I think. Honey, pitch, iron goods, normal grain and hemp sound okay? Davylad? Nothing else is necessary.

    The timber shortage will generate perhaps too many goods short. No pitch, no cattle/leather, no salt, no beer, no ceramics, no iron goods. Secondarily, no furs, no fish, no train oil.

    Send me a game with that map (German games work in the English version, but the opposite isn't true). Set it up for hardest settings, Patrician + level. As long as we cannot capture any ships, it has promise.

    Interesting. :)