Expanding city walls

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    I've managed to expand and develop a thriving business empire, blowing the competition out off the water, sometimes literally hehehe. ive run into a problem when it comes to cities apart from my hometown, ive managed to get luebeck my hometown to level 3 walls but other towns never seem to build new walls. what do i do to get them to protect my businesses? do i have to become alderman or do i have to move to that town and become mayor there?

    also is there any reliable way to get my competitors to auction off their buildings? in several towns where i wanted to expand i made sure to take the ships from the competitors who live there, but in some towns (like cologne/köln) not only have they not auctioned them off but they have even expanded and built MORE buildings, even after i took all their ships! what do i have to do to beat these guys? D:

  • If you are member of guild in the town an if you reached "ratsherr"-level, you can ask in town-hall for building out the wall. You will get to win the election, if you have more than two factories out of the wall. But the town will only build the wall if there is enought material on market.

    The town builds eyery 8 days until 10 wall-sections. If i remember correctly you need 1 iron, 1 wood and 10 bricks for one section. The material should be on market in the morning of wall-building-day. Roland postet in 2006 the date of wall-buildings:


    Dafür kann ich die Baudaten bieten:
    01.01;09.01;17.01;25.01;02.02;10.02;18.02;26.02;06.03;14.03;22.03;30.03;07.04;15.04;23.04;01.05;09.05;17.05;25.05;02.06;10.06;18.06;26.06 04.07;12.07;20.07;28.07;05.08;13.08;21.08;29.08;06.09;14.09;22.09;30.09;08.10;16.10;24.10;01.11;09.11;17.11;25.11;03.12;11.12;19.12;27.12; und dann wieder von vorne, also Start mit 01.01.

  • That's pretty nice! Thank you.
    So by joining the local guild you can rise in rank above "merchant" and become councilor, just like in your hometown? Huh.. so joining other guilds is NOT useless like i thought it was. I could've had the walls extend in all those towns ages ago! xD in any case, thank you very much!

    you dont happen to know how to edit the in game texts as well like i have asked in the "questions" sub forum?

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    With the program Dragon UnPACKer 5 one comes to the file p2arch0.cpr, but these text files can not be edited.

    I have also tried several changes ....

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