patrician 3 graphics test fail

  • hey i know i am about 3 years to late but i need help to get past this error message "MFC-Anwendung P2Setup has stopped working"
    things i have done - moved patrician3.exe into DEP list
    tried different resolutions plus different compatibility modes
    wasted money buying driverupdaters :mad:
    any help would be greatly appreciated
    i own a dell inspiron 1545 running win7
    thanks heaps ?(

  • Hi stoogeriffic,

    Welcome to the forum!

    You write that the error is shown for "P2Setup" and you moved "patrician3.exe" to the DEP list.
    Did you try to add the "P2Setup.exe" to the data-excecution-prevention-list as well?


  • hi Cete

    Thanks for the welcome, yes I did add the P2Setup aswell. I spoke to a couple of people today and they suggested downloading a windows XP emulator?? I am pretty much a noob when it comes to PC's. I am looking into the emulator tonight. I'll keep you posted with how I go.
    Thanks again

  • Hi stoogeriffic,

    You couldn't be a noob for you already tried the "known solutions". ;)
    So I'm sure you did the "obvious thing" (installing and starting as administrator) as well.

    There is one thing left but that usually has nothing to do with the graphic test (prevents problems when the game starts), so I do not expect that it helps. On the other hand: we never know...
    You may try to install the game not on drive "C" but on a partition (e.g. "D" or "E").

    Btw, wich version do you use?
    Problems also occur when the gold version is installed and a patch afterwards (which is not needed in that case). But again this do not cause problems during the graphic test.


  • Hi stoogeriffic,

    Sorry, the correct english word is "volume" (not drive), I guess.
    Usually a new computer/laptop has one hard disk with one defined volume called "C". It is technically possible to divide this volume into different volumes ("C", "D"...). Many people use volume "C" for the operating system software and volume "D" for applications, games etc...


  • hi Cete,

    I live in Noobville, that is way past my house. I am thinking its time to give up. Its a great shame because Patrician 3 is a bloody fantastic game. Might move on to Pat4. Thank you for taking the time to respond. And thanks to x9jaan for responding too.

    Tim ?(

  • In November 2012 I got Windows 7 on my PC. I installed "patrician 2 gold", that is sold in amerika as patrician 3, normaly, without any specifics on volume D:. Before I had updated my windows.

  • I know this is an old topic but I had the same problem and this page came up on google so thought I would post a solution for anyone else. Excluding every .exe in the Patrician 3 installation folder from the DEP fixed this issue for me.

    (Right Click) Computer > Advanced System Settings > Performance / Settings > Data Execution Prevention. Then add the .exes.