• Is there a way to calculate exactly how much money is needed to bribe a councillor?

    I have observed three responses, first the "What am I supposed to do with this pittance?" - response, meaning the councillor takes your money but will not follow your suggestion. Second, the "allright, I'll see what I can do", which means the councillor will do as you suggest, but to what limit? And thirdly, that the councillor is so overjoyed with your gift that he will certainly work for your point of view.

    How do I know how much money to give him? It seems logical that the amount rises as I become richer, but how to calculate precisely?

    And what is the difference between the second and third response?

    (double postet this on Kalypso as well)

  • Hi Nanuaraq,

    Cannot give you a formula but the tipp-collection says that it depends on the company value - as expected. In the beginning 30,000 GS should be enough, 70,000 GS in the later game.

    Kind Regards,

    Where can I see my company value? Do I have to estimate it myself (could be tricky)? Or is there a function for that in the game somewhere?