• Lots of panic, as the epidemic spreads. The news stations just fuel the fires.

    It isn't 1918-1919. Tamiflu, Relenza are effective. Most cases in the USA are quite mild; same in Europe and Asia so far. It is stage 5, widespread with confirmed human to human transmission.

    Here, in Texas, they are closing schools, cancelling sports meets. There are no cases in my community yet, though we are checking. The test only confirms Influenza A, the CDC has to do the genetic testing.

    The origin looks to be a pig farm outside of Vera Cruz. There appear to have been many hundreds of cases there. It's been around a while, though; there was a confirmed swine flu in the autumn here. CDC didn't much take interest then.

  • Well, the bird flu also magically disappeared from the news reports in a few days after it had been "hyped" for some weeks.

    As for the swine flu, there are already the first experts who say it is about as dangerous as a normal winter flu. In Germany, up to 20,000 people die every year due to exactly this.

    Still, one cannot be sure after a few days.

  • I think this whole panic about the swine flu was really exaggerated. I saw even people wearing masks in the library or in the bus because they probably thought they could get the swine flu that easily. I mean really, this is too much.