Is is possible to mod the game? What's the requirement (city number) to get the city building task from Alderman office?

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    I was trying to install this patch (just copy files) for GoG game version, but when I try to start I got error:

    "Please run P2Setup.exe to blah-blah"

    Is it problem of version or am I doing something wrong?

    Make a shortcut to the desktop and add /norescheck after the .exe it shall work.


    C:GOG/Patrician/Desktop/Patrician 3.exe /norescheck

    It will work with any version (including steam).

    Sell as much at least at 15% margin is aquired.

    The Hanseatic Empire as a whole had a profit margin at 15% anually.

    Producing timber can also make a profit, but only where it has full production.

    Even in the hardest settings. Historically the Hanseatic purchased the timber from Torun and Alborg.

    Thoose 18 Golden is lost gold...