No captains in tavern

  • Hello everybody,
    Im sorry if this doesnt belong here, but I dont know where else to ask.
    Ive recently been playing multiplayer with a friend, We managed to get one captain each at the start of the game, but after that, there is not a single captain to be found anywhere. Just to check this properly I built an office or sent a ship to every single city on the map to check everything at the same time and there really wasnt any captain anywhere. We play on map with 32 cities (anything above will crash the game for me) and its just the standard map with a few cities added. I have noticed a few more problems like some of loans I give arent being repaid and town hall notices dont work properly. But these things arent that important. But the issue with captains really limits any progress.

    So my question is, is there any way to make the captains spawn in the taverns again, or at least how to prevent them from disappearing if I start a new game.

    BTW I play version 1.1 from GOG

  • Thank you very much for help and for quick response. Could you please explain to me how to actually work with the tool? I can see that it loads map editor file and can change production of the cities. So should I just load a map with the tool, then save it and then export it in mapeditor?

  • Hello, you create a card in the card editor of the game patrician 3.
    save as .kef file.
    then you open "MapAdjust"

    Here you can customize the card to your wishes.
    save, re-load in the card editor of the game and immediately export as .gmf file in the map folder of patrician 3

    best regards


  • OK I got it running. I opened a map with the tool and all worked well. Unfortunately I still couldnt start a map with more than 32 towns. Fortunately, i was digging a bit through the archive page you posted and found some map with 40 towns.
    I tried to run it and for some reason it worked perfectly. I just changed production a bit in the brasileiro tool. So in the end everything work perfectly just as I wanted in the beginning (map with 40 towns that runs without any gamebreaking bugs).
    It seems like the CTDs and some serious bugs are tied to the map itself more than the actual game or map editor. Because creating a map in the editor with over 32 towns crashes the game for me, but downoading map with 40 towns and then exporting it from the editor results in a map that runs perfectly. So i would expect both map not working, because they both were actually exported from the editor. Ive been trying to wrap my head around why this is so, but I guess Im not going to bother since I can actually play now. Maybe the map i downloaded comes from different version, but thats just a guess.

    BTW there is stil one minor bug. Sometimes the game crashes when I click on a church. But I can live with this, especially when there is 3 minutes autosave.

    Thanks again for the help. I seriously didnt expect any response at all, given the age of the game. Let alone such a quick response. Youve been very helpful.

  • Hi, I've been following this thread as I was experiencing a similar problem. When using one of the maps in the forum (say, the "Stockholm 40" and later altering it through Brasiliero's tool, the map was actually working, but once clicking in the town hall (not in the church as in Archie's case) it freezes!

    Therefore the issues is to play with either access to the town hall, or with captains. Indeed, this does not allow to play a quite long game... Could it be because the maps downloaded are from the German version? Does anyone know about this issue?

    Vielen dank! And it's great that such forum still persists, it's a fantastic to still know about this fantastic game