How I get the super-fast pirates?

  • Well, there is a absurdly annoying and weak single crayer pirate that is roaming right in front of my hometown.

    I am trying to get rid of him, and I tried EVERYTHING, and I don't even damage him, either in normal or automated combat.

    Example of things I tried:

    Unloaded crayers made in the best shipyard (except weapons, some with less weapons than normal) with captains with sailing skill 5, chasing the pirate when he is loaded with about 210 of goods.

    I still don't catch him... I don't even reach him, ever, it is freaking annoying.

    I tried other things (other captains, other loadouts, bigger convoys, smaller convoys...) anyone has any idea on how I get the guy?

  • Propably you you how to catch a faster vessel: always steer a bit more downwind than your prey.
    Aim the steering arrow touching his stern on lee side:

    Thus you will get them all. At least the laden ones. Or the damaged ones.
    So, if you can't catch him, you surely get close enough to hit him. In case he escapes, charge again and hit him again. Finally you get him.

    ...and welcome aboard!