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    I started the game by doing manual trading mostly.

    After a while it got cumbersome, and I learned how to do "sucker" trade routes.

    First question: Why some of my trade routes get full and just stay full, while others tell me there are "no destination" and thus allow me to know I must unload them?

    Then I had the problem of excessive amount of some goods, and my warehouse started to create cashflow problems, eventually I learned about mediterran exporting, and prince exporting.

    This worked more or less well, I became the richest and most popular trader, I also became mayor, built the second wall, all fortifications, and all "city" structures on my home town (Luebeck).

    I then started to crank out ships like there is no tomorrow, in a attempt to get enough ships to defeat the pirate base for the Alderman mission...

    Second question: How I get enough weapons for my ships? It is obvious that even using a single shipyard I can build ships much faster than I can fully arm them, not only in cannons and bombards but also in cutlasses amount.

    Then the worring part: although I am absurdly rich (11 million company value) full of ships (about 60) cash (4 million, mostly looted from the said pirate base mission), business (about 90 across 4 towns) and captains (I have 5 sucker captains, 2 expedition captains, 2 "seller" captains, 2 production chain supply captains, 2 warship captains), and my biggest competitor (another person from Luebeck) has only a shit amount of shitty ships (15, 13 of them I auctioned when I captured them junked) and almost no business (in his hometown only 3 merchant houses), he started to quickly climb in both profits and popularity, and overtook me on both...

    The question is: how a guy with almost no business, and shitty ships, and with councillor (not patrician) title could overtake me in popularity and wealth? Can I see what goods he is trading, and to where?

    Another question: I am getting my warehouse full of some goods, not so full in others, and my supply chain is getting increasingly complex, how I automate that to make it less chaotic?

    Another question: How I figure what to supply to towns I have noone there? (or rather, what I load in my auto-seller convoys? and how I tell the auto-seller ships to load properly? right now I just more or less load 50 barrels of each good, in case of "load" goods I load 5 instead)

    Final question: how I can turn that 4 million cash, and about 20 ships that are just sitting idle (sometimes without enough sailors or cutlasses) on my harbor to something useful?

    EDIT: regarding the guy I mentioned earlier that surpasses me by unknown means, can I sabotage him somehow without abusing bugs or pirates?

    Related to the problem I mentioned in the other topic (of a pirate I cannot catch), I noticed when chasing him that sometimes he disappears... He is just, gone.

    Sometimes my fleet STILL keeps chasing him, and even engage in battle... I just see the fleet moving by its own and suddenly the battle message.

    So the first question is, why pirates disappear like that?

    The second question is: why sometimes I can right-click like mad on him even with my ship on top of him and still cannot attack? Sometimes I can attack, sometimes not, the only consistant thing is that seemly if I attack a pirate with convoy "A" and it flees, I cannot attack him with convoy "B" when he shows back on the map, I have to attack him with "A" again.

    Well, there is a absurdly annoying and weak single crayer pirate that is roaming right in front of my hometown.

    I am trying to get rid of him, and I tried EVERYTHING, and I don't even damage him, either in normal or automated combat.

    Example of things I tried:

    Unloaded crayers made in the best shipyard (except weapons, some with less weapons than normal) with captains with sailing skill 5, chasing the pirate when he is loaded with about 210 of goods.

    I still don't catch him... I don't even reach him, ever, it is freaking annoying.

    I tried other things (other captains, other loadouts, bigger convoys, smaller convoys...) anyone has any idea on how I get the guy?