2 crimes in a day, need 2 people in the bathroom to bribe

  • hi to everybody ! i made two attacks in Tallin, one in order to destroy its tower defense, and the other in order to plunder the city.
    unfortunately they accuse me for all the 2 crimes, so i have to corrput more than one person in the bath. how can i do ?

  • How to get them? Easily.

    Run the game as long as you desire and watch the bathroom. Bribe whoever you see. When you have bribed enough (two each round in this case) councillors in your town, reload the savegame you came from, they will appear just there, and play it through until the verdict.

    Important: After each verdict, your account on bribes disappears and they behave like they've never seen you! If multiple verdicts are made on a day, you're screwed. And you don't bribe two at once but one for the one verdict and one for the other, you got to do this twice.

  • unfortunately i tried to bribe 2 people in the bath house baut it only solve one crime.
    i solved this problem loading a save in which i committed only one crime, so i had to bribe only one person :D (i committed the other crime the next day and they don't detected me).