Modding tool

  • I created an openoffice spreadsheet and translated it into english
    this tool calculates 4 ini files
    tradesystem, townpos, townlist and highway
    (not all numbers of these files are includes)

    • consistencychecks for changes in the tradesystem
    • small stuff like rent, wages, cart size,..
    • production for cities (historic setting)
    • changing town layouts
    • manages roads -> at the moment 76 roads (incl. 26 original)
    • costs,bulding time/material for buildings
    • price limits
    • manages the towns 41 and 42
    • estimates possible lack of building space for specific industries
    • checks for consistency for start with less than 20 towns (min. = 8 towns)
    • fixes 2 small bugs (error in the original modding ini files)