Trade Route Changes

  • Ok this is totaly wierd.I got my 2nd ship so i set up an auto trading route.Starting from Lubek-thorn-Danzig-stettin-rostock-malmo-oslo and back to lubeck.since i have no procuction facilitys of my own yet it set it to auto trade on all products.

    whats wierd is after one trip it start going off the route that was set up for example after going back to lubeck from oslo it then headed for Danzig and the route i had saved had changed to show this change as well as changing oslo to lubek to Olso to Rostock .do your captains normaly do this?

    I do realy need for it to go to Oslo then to lubbek due to the constant wood shortage in lubek and Oslo and not vary from that route,Oslo has cheep wood i need to build up my fleet and other buildings if it goes to rostock it will sell all that wood.

  • Hi Easy Bake,

    I put a translation of you request here and hope that someone knows the solution of your problem.

    Best, Charlotte

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  • There is no explanation why your problem occoured.

    Maybe you accidently changed the towns or it happened while one of the harbours was frozen.

    Set it right, save the route and the game. If it happens again, send the savegame and the saved route to kalypso support. It will be used to hunt down some remaining bugs in the game.