Tavern's Side Room Contest 2008

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    Seventeen city map. The names are different, like the Imperial City of Hamburg, or the Barony of Danzig, even Domains of MacNeal. Points depend upon rich satisfaction only; also types of statues erected. The points are per city, decline as satisfaction declines.

    There is a bag limit on capturing pirate ships in patrols, escort, fugitive missions or on the high seas. No more than one a month.

    Arbitrage, and all money tricks are forbidden, also s/l for avoiding penalties if you pirate. You can capture or loot AI ships, just bribe your way out or take the hit. If you have an unbelievable run of luck, you are basically disqualified. You can't take lots of ships without being caught and tried. Limit of six per block buildings. No hemp tricks, no forced auctions. No s/l for treasure map with one piece, or for exploration. Basically, almost a completely straight game.

    Really nice set up, pirates set to low, but trade to high, landlord to high, difficulty of population satisfaction to high. Councillor level.

    Game starts with four ships. One cog, three snaikkas. All the ships are named "Jenny", which was a joke.

    Saves are evaluated January 1st. Don't delete your information, ship building notices are in it.

    It looks like a really good game concept for a contest.