Progress Report 1303

  • To appease the Prince I sold him 200 loads of grain in Danzig. The next thing I know, I am short of grain in my main beer town. Add to that Helsinki, Ladoga and Novgorod froze early in the month and now Tonsberg is iced in. The people in Helsinki, who were finally in a kind of satisfied mood, are now annoyed again since hey were out of beer, fish, wool and meat.
    I think I quit going through all towns every three days just to find all tavern missions and lend money. It has not brought any better results and only distracts me from the rest of the game. So, I guess it’s back to a more speed game now. In any case, here’s my labour of the weekend:

    January 31, 1300
    CV 35 M
    Population 110,965
    Ships 390
    Businesses 677

  • I think the old boys club is reflecting rather than playing :D

    May 31, 1301

    CV 43.2M
    Population 119,616
    Ships: 451
    Businesses: 799

    My Hanse keeps growing at a slow but steady pace. At my age I don't like to hurry along the road, nor in my game.

  • My game time is curtailed in the future due to a new membership. I have to attend 60% of the semi-weekly meetings. So, in order to have enough time to complete 1304 I have quickly completed 1303. Without tavern missions etc, it goes a lot faster.
    I moved to Stettin to complete the wall building there. This meant that all my building materials were used for walls and some additional houses and businesses, so there was not a lot left over to build anywhere else.

    CV ~ 63 M
    Population ~ 153 k
    Ships 591
    Businesses 947

    Edit: I think I was not quite there when I wrote the post. ;)

  • Thanks to a couple of quick moves I managed to complete the walls in London and Reval. 5 of the Hanse towns, plus 1 new production town, are behind the 3rd wall with another 3 building on the 3rd. In other towns Memel and Koenigsberg completed the 3rd wall and Stockholm, Rugenwald, Harlingen and Haarlem are building on the 3rd, the rest are still working on the 2nd. I am planning to complete Helsinki, Stelltin and/or Ladoga this fall. I can't wait to have all my meat production behind walls.

    CV around 97 M
    population around 171
    tonnage around 18,000 and > 120 captains
    buisnesses 1,173

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  • I continue to plug along at a more or less steady pace.

    I realize that I have negelected wall building in other towns, but the supply of bricks only allows limited construction, especially if I want to set a large block inbetween. Unfortunately I managed to srew up badly in a few locations, such as Helsinki, where I lost at least 8 building spots already.

    March 31, 1303

    CV 66.9M
    Population 131k
    Ships 556 with 104 captains
    Businesses 785

    Time to watch hockey, and tomorow is Mothersday, so no P III for me.
    CU next week. :wave:

  • I just entered my stats into the analysis page but I seem to be unable to get my stats updated. I am in 1303 but it still shows me as having only completed 1301 ?(

    In spite of the holiday I did not get as far as I had hoped.

    July 31, 1303

    CV 81M and I did move again
    Poulation 148 k
    Sips 634 with 107 captains
    Businesses 928

    Those moves really help with building walls, I should have started earlier since now I am suffering from lack of manpower to build businesses.
    The end of the year can bee seen, and it looks not too bad. Maybe not quite as many citizens as I had hoped for, but my Hanse is still growing :]