I have no idea why my workers are not filling up for Luebeck

  • Hi,

    Trying out one of the campaign missions. I need brickworks in luebeck, but I just cannot seem to get enough workers in Luebeck. Town is supplied, price are ok I think for at least moderate growth, houses are only 40% filled. The town is growing, but the y seem to miss my needed work force. Ive built all wells required, extended church and made some roads. Its been months, no workers.

    Im at a loss here, I need those bricks!

    I want to share the replay but cant find the upload button?

  • The trick is simple.

    Go to church and choose give it to the poor,

    som grains, beer or fish, and you soon should see your factories rise to 100% inhabitat.

    Otherwise you can lock 5 units of grain in warehouse for the next time your build a new factory

    so you are ready next time.

    The workers are fetched from the poorest class in society (beggers).

    I have started 3 grains-factories in Rostock just for this cause.

    So i dont need to give it to the beggers.

    I sell the surplus grain to Lubeck directly for a minor profit 15-20 Golden.

    Otherwise read the Tipssamlung PDF in English (200 pages long).

    It contains many tips.

    Although im a newbie myself...

  • Im not a noob. I would almost say in the campaign mission I was playing it was artificially made that Luebeck does not fill up. Its the one where you need to get the Hanse from 45K to 90K inhabitants in I believe 16 months.

    When I play sandbox Ive never had any issue filling up my town and/or factories.

  • Well, noob/newbie or ensigned Rookie, that doesnt really matter.

    Im a history-buff a scolarly trained "teacher" you may say in history.

    Not so much a player but i appreciate the games historically accurate.

    Maybe is it something to do about carnivals and festivities?

    On the basis of the city accounts of Riga from the years 1348–61 it can be de-

    duced that the councillors regularly celebrated the following four festivals: Martin-

    mas, Christmas, Carnival, and Pentecost. I have listed the festivals in such temporal

    order because a new financial year began at Michaelmas, when two new treasurers

    (Lat. camerarius; Germ. Kämmerer), responsible for bookkeeping, were appointed

    from among the councillors.

    Source: Urban Carnival Festive Cultures in the Hanseatic cities.

    The conclusion is this.

    Can you boost the mood and inhabitans by frequently add a festival

    at least 2-4 times a year by lock the commodites bear,grain,fish,meat and whine?

    Can you logically by also give the poor one quarter the same ammount as

    the festival (as the spillover) to boost the inhabitans?

    I dont know but historically this seems to be the case.

    1.Festivals at least 1-4 times a year.

    2.Regularly at least 1-4 times a year donate and feed the poor.

  • I dont have a year, the whole campaign only lasts I believe 16 months. So that would not help anything. I threw a feat and although the town grew(as it does without the fest as well), my jobs were not being filled at a significant rate. Other townsI hae no issue. I have used a workaround getting bricks from Visby, but it still seems weird to me.

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