Editing in game text

  • Hallo mein kamerader!

    My oh my it' been a while since i last posted here, i hope you are all doing well!

    I recently started playing again, ive done quite well thus far in my latest run, reaching almost 7 million in my first 2 years.
    Something i noticed however is how some messages you get are quite cluttered and full of flavour text that only obscures the information i'd most like to know. the courier messages are a prime example of this but the same could be said about several of the messages you get from doing missions. the messages you get from pirates you have hired is one of those i'd like to alter a bit.

    I'd like to alter them if i can, i tried to find the game files where this information is stored but i cant seem to find it after extensive searching. I'm guessing it's either hiden in the .dll files or in the .exe itself but editing .dll files with notepad or notepad++ only shows you gibberish. but seeing how extensively some people have managed to alter the game, from running in higher resolutions and looking at the game code to figure out which ship weapons are the most effective i figured you guys probably know how to do this, or at the very least could point me in the general direction.

    best wishes