How do I Attack a Pirate's Hideout?!?

  • Someone please help. I've been banging my head against the wall for the past four hours because I can't seem to figure out how to attack a pirate stronghold.

    I got to the level of Lord Mayor and unlocked the Alderman Missions. There, I took a mission that said I had to destroy a pirate's stronghold/hideout.

    It gave me a map, which led to the vicinity of Edinburgh. From there, I went there with my ships and then the city, which was notmally a red circle, turned into a black circle.

    I tried right-clicking on the black circle with ships selected (armed, single ships, multiple ships, ships inside a convoy, EVERYTHING) and nothing happened. It seemed like my ships were just docking inside the city. Is it supposed to attack the city that way? I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

    When I left-click on the circle, it just says "X ships are guarding the port". But I can't attack anything in the area at all.

    Please help.

  • Welcome on board, IyanSommerset! :)

    Hmm, I can just say, right-clicking on the hideout was correct. And of course don't attack pirate's hideouts if you raised the pirate flag.

  • This particular problem of forty-city-games is long and well known to the board. Though, we have no solution to it yet.

    Several people reported of 'entering Edibourgh, then immiditely leaving'. After a couple of attempts, finally, you may attack the pirate's base - probably. No guarantee. I tried and failed (maybe I misunderstood).

    Here's a thread (in German language). You' could read on your own there. Shall I?

    And, over all, obliterating a pirate's stronghold doesn't pay well (in means of benefit). Probably you'd better stay away from it. There are easier missions on your way to become Eldermann. Chasing the notorious pirate for instance. Or settling a new town (not for 40-maps of course).

  • Oh thanks, I guess I won't be able to attack it (not a 40 city map I think, but one of the a-bit-more-than-the-normal-map ones). Already can't take PAtrol missions because of the quit-to-desktop bug so that's one more mission type that I'll have to learn to ignore. :\