What do I do with all this wealth?

  • So I just sacked luebeck, and grabbed 800k In gold and another 200k in goods. I'm about 5 years in with 3 trading offices and successfully trading maybe 20-30k gold per week. IVe been keeping about 300k in operational funds . I have around 900k I'm not sure what to do with and anticipate being lied mayor of luebeck in a few years.

    What do I invest in? Loans only go so far and aren't a guarantee. Should I do expeditions or wait until it's time to build my own town?

  • Start building your own production buildings. 900K won't go far when you start this, but in the long run, when you supply the whole Hansa with YOUR products, 900K will look like pennies to you.

  • Do not underestimate the more basic goods and building material (wood/timber and brick that is) - though it/they do not generate the most 'instant profit', they help a lot to expand more quickly and cheaper. (Plus wood is raw material for a number of other products.)
    Basic/essential food like grain, beer , fish is vital to keep (the) workers happy and make good and solid basic income through sheer mass. Also, every now and then one can sell literally tons of them to the landlord (click the gates at your hometown).



  • Thanks. Yeah I've opened up in Malmö and expanded fish recently. Mace been considering timber because I'm thinking I really want to expand my fleet for expeditions and pirates.

    I've never been this successful in this game ever. It's such a rush.

  • Just made lord mayor, saw the towncoffers had almost 800k gold in there, with no port defense, looted luebeck (lol!), donated some gold, and upgraded defenses. city is up 30k per month and combined with an expedition i just got back from, i'm pretty wealthy. How do i go about doing Alderman missions now?

  • the best thing is to keep a few cities now with trading offices... make production of iron goods in luebeck and trasfer pig iron by auto trade route from stockholms for example with iron ore... or built your own production in stockholm with pig iron ... trasfer it to luebeck and sell the products out of the map... in cagliari and in tunis are buing it at very high prices