• welcome to the forum
    the banner of this forum consists of multiple images
    if you change the size of your browser window the elements in the banner should change accordingly

    the ship is from the "cog is build" video of P2/P3
    the left harbour scene is from an "scenario finished" video iirc
    the text "Patrizier" is a modified early version of the patrician4 logo
    the official logo has some ornaments

    the wooden parts of the banner are part of the P2/P3 user interface

  • Big thanks :) Didi you ask anyone from Patrizer developers for materials? Do you know, if I want to make my own logo from Patrizer (and upload it to the Net), that need I agree from publisher of PIV or someone?

  • the forum was redesigned before P4 was released
    we asked and got some sample icons
    or P4_FleischP4_AnsehenP4_Herz
    but nothing you couldn't get from the game via screenshot now
    i dont think that you will have a legal problem if you build your own logo,
    but to be sure it is easy to ask [inturl='/index.php?page=User&userID=1552']Daniel van Bergen[/inturl] or [inturl='/index.php?page=User&userID=2321']Daan Hugo[/inturl]
    if you create a website with a P2 related topic we would like to get your link :)

    i was reminded that the water in the logo originates from a photo of a bay on the shore of the north sea

  • Ok, thanks :) In my country law request from me to have agree from anyone who did image. In some cases I may use, but I need to inform about author (e.g. if I want to use that photo of, I must give note with photographer that made it; even to use your avatar from Simpsons, I need to ask company that made it).

  • Hi Megarion,

    welcome to our forum, again :) . Please go and ask Daniel. As Falko already mentioned, the background of our logo is a photograph, though not North Sea but Baltic Sea. For further information, please send me an E-Mail.

    Good luck, Charlotte

    Edit by Charlotte: I got the photographer's written consent that you may use our background. And yes, it would be very nice to get the link to your new Patrician home page once you are finished!

    "Wir sind verletzt, aber wir stehen wieder auf."

    Berlin - Breitscheidplatz, zum 19. Dezember 2016.

    P2 1.1/P4 2.0.4

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