Windows 7 compatibility?

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    Not sure this is the right place, or how active the forum is, but I'm dropping the bottle in the ocean anyway.

    I recently upgraded my laptop and my OS to Windows 7 as well. Patrician 3 works fine from what I have seen, EXCEPT the aldermann cutscene isn't playing correctly. The music plays fine, but the video gets stuck towards the beginning, showing that river flowing into the sea in a static picture, but never progressing on to show you as the new aldermann celebrating etc. The game progresses fine after that - it's not frozen or anything. So not a game-killer, but kind of annoying. Has anybody else had that? Any solution?


  • Hi Per Leifson,

    welcome to our forum! :) I'm afraid I won't be able to help you with the details regarding the alderman cut scene, but as far as I know, Win 7 is compatible with all the Patrician series.

    Best, Charlotte

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  • i found out that if you are in trouble with newer Microsoft OS, you can set you colour depth to 16 bit.
    I remember that when i was playing P3 on Vista there were a lot of brown blurs. i fix this problem setting properly the colour depth :D
    (i've never had the same problem with Win7)