2009 Contest Smalltalk

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    Original von Larsson

    Yes, that's a hard one. My opinion: If you see doves like people, that obey the rules and pirats as people that also due "dirty work" or illegal jobs, then is all cooperation with pirates banned. ASCARON has incorporate a penalty in the game for such actions.

    That was my opinion at beginning of 2009-Contest.
    Was so and is so. All actions with a possible penalty from game(engine) is illegal/pirate action. Exception are only penaltys with no interaction / no chance of prevention (like "earth is round" or "sexual offence").

    Sorry, I play normally without hiding goods, smuggling, using a burglar.
    Hiding goods gives a penalty, not shure about the other two.
    Knowing only, smuggling is "time" based. Nearly same as an escort-mission without attack, but mean: take an escort-mission and do something for your cash. Otherwise take a transport-mission !!
    Burglar ??? Never used.


  • So we are back to this


    Originally posted by Davylad
    No Indictable actions
    All ships encountered sunk.
    Build, dowry and impounds only source of ships.

    I am happy at that.

  • Managed to get a snaiika built for 12.9. Brewery could easily be put in build within a couple of weeks or so of starting. With regards to the timber shortage, feeding more then one town consistently is difficult. Feeding 2 towns and a brewery is impossible continually but you can do it, just, by short feeding them every other day.

    I am not sure what the goal should be though as once you have timber and bricks in the NL's then you have no shortage but building your own shipping to meet demand would be interesting but at that point you can build in all the towns anyway.

    I think it would be better to limit building ships to Luebeck and your own NL's