Long-term contest – "Raffzahn's Daughter"

  • Information to the map, registration and evaluation

    The details:
    · Starting town: Koenigsberg
    · Date: September 27, 1400
    · Hanse: 79.464 inhabitants
    · Character: Raffaela Raffzahn [Miss Raffaela Snag]
    · General level of difficulty: tradeswoman
    · Cash: 30 000 GS
    · Ship: „Stolz von Bremen“ [Pride of Bremen], snaikka
    · Chart room: The map is here.
    · Distribution of goods for the contest map are here in XLS format (English).
    · A very helpful spreadsheet (evaluation) can be found here.

    The Rules
    All exploits inherent in the game, such as outrigger, demolition/auction, and Levon’s Gold trick are allowed. Hot-seat modus or use of a trainer are not allowed.
    You may start at any time during the year and submit more thane one save; only the best will count. :D

    Points are determined using the following criteria:
    1 point for every 1000 poor,
    3 points for every 1000 wealthy,
    5 points for every 1000 rich.

    Saves will be tabulated for every year so you can, at any time, see how you are faring. Here is the current overall result.

    To participate in the contest, please download the starting save:
    zipped or as *.pst AND *.pat file.

    Any user of XP should ensure that, when downloading the *.pat & *.pst files that the default "document" is unchecked and replaced by "all files". P III cannot digest document files.

    Please submit a save of New Year’s Eve for each year and make sure to save your game in good time, not just a couple of seconds before New Year’s Eve. Thank you. Please send your first save from December 31, 1401.

    This is how it is done:
    1.To be able to upload your file(s), you must activate your membership in the profile \ user group (bottom right) by selecting “join this group” besides Contest 2008.

    2. Submission of saved games for the long term contest will only be accepted in these threads.
    To submit, click on the [reply]-button to generate a new post. You can leave the grey text area unchanged, if you want.

    3. Below the text area click on the button “Attachment”. This should open a window, in which you can select your saved file by browsing on your computer. Confirm your selection by clicking “Submit” and your file should start uploading. Once this is done, the name of your file should appear on the upload window. If required, repeat the procedure with the second file of your saved game.

    4. Subsequently, close this window. This should bring you back to the window for writing the post. Click on “Post reply”, and your submission should be complete.

    When a member of the jury downloads your submission, your post will be edited accordingly. The jury will try to include your submission into the contest ranking as soon as possible. We hope that in most cases it will be done within 48 hours.

    Upon review, a member of the jury will provide a short commentary, and calculate the points for the year, both of which will be published in regular intervals. All reviewed saves will be available for download; there is nothing wrong with having a look how others play the game. ;)

    Charlotte, Tristan, and x9jaan.

    Enjoy, :)

    "Wir sind verletzt, aber wir stehen wieder auf."

    Berlin - Breitscheidplatz, zum 19. Dezember 2016.

    P2 1.1/P4 2.0.4

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