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    Apologies for the necro, but I think this thread might still be relevant.

    I got into this game recently and while doing the math noticed the same thing as the OP; that 100% self-sufficiency is not possible due to discrepancy between the number of factories you can build per 100 population and the number of factories you need to fully supply them of all goods. Daniel van Bergen had confirmed that it is designed in such way to prevent overflow of goods and says that it's mitigated by the fact that pops don't require all goods to be happy.

    But after further discussion he did suggest the following; link

    "From my point of view, we can first try the following:
    - dynamic population structure
    - 5% production bonus from maximum satisfaction
    - achieving maximum satisfaction difficult"

    I am wondering if that was actually implemented at some point, and if I can fully supply all 19 goods if I reach maximum satisfaction in all cities.

    Sorry for using English, but I can't speak German and I wanted to discuss this topic in the context of this thread.

    Thank You

    Found this game out while searching for a game with good economy and logistics and stuff. It seems there was a kalypto game forum in the past but the links don't seem to work, which is a shame because I'm having trouble finding in-depth info and discussions about this game. Would appreciate with anyone could direct me to a place where I can find more tips and tricks. Thank you.