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    Hello man,

    You got 2 completely different missions.

    The first one, the one whit a map attached, asks you to destroy a "pirate hideout". Sometimes this is a difficult mission, because hideouts can possibly have 1 or more cannon tower and 10+ ships, with good capitains and AI...or be very simple, with only 3-4 damaged ships. But ehi, you have a map so you no longer need to waste time finding this nest, go and destroy everything!

    The second one asks you to sink the admiral ship of that specific pirate (often the one noted in the chronology, e.g. "John Beneke attacked again") wandering in some places, he has no hideout, thats why you couldn't find anything. Tavern hints are not really credible, come on they are spies! The best you can do is to save before going to find him and reload if u can't. Could be a very easy mission...if you can find him!

    Oh and one last thing.

    The pirate you're expected to kill is already on the map, somewhere, BEFORE you accept the mission. The hideout, instead, is genereted AFTER you take the mission.

    Thanks for the answer!
    I've translate that paragraph, along with some other interesting things. But mabye for the lack of a good translation (some word that google translates in direct form, but in real fact them could mean completly diffrent things), mabye because I'm too interested for weating more :crazy: , I can't do more than very little steps. And the posts I've ridden are certainly very usefull, but for middle to hig-experienced builders.
    For now I can say that saveing some spaces only doing the endless row of building has already changed something, building quarters of 5 houses (better than the classical 3 houses) or 3 plants in a row is a good point.
    So, I'm ready, for the exercise ;)

    My little experience after years of this post. Most of pirates are too fast when you engage them, here'a tip:
    Take a little ship, in perfect conditions (98-99%), full armed, with only 2 sailors less than the pirate. If you want fill up the ship to its full amount. Then engage the pirate, often he would not escape, thinking that he could capture your ship. Then damage him, slow him down and capture him!

    Select the ship with a , select 2 or more cities (even the same city more times, you'll find out soon that you could do everything with 2 or even more times in the same town), then select the product, click 1 time to buy, 2 for sell, more time if you want delete or trade with your office. Even if the message say that you gain some money, other costs can overtake your profit.
    In my personal opinion auto trade ever worth the time you spend for setting everything!

    Hi everyone!
    I'm John and this is my first post. I know that my english isn't really correct, but after month reading your posts (lots and lots of hour of reading :D I love you all guys ), I've decided to sign in and wright something. Since I play P3 from his birth, I'm good at doing almost everything in game. I can trade well, kill pirates, pirateing myself, being mayor and governor of the hanse. And of course I'm experienced at auto-trade in every type of map (also random generated). But one thing is at least out of my hands...and it is my personal goal since the beginning of my experience in game: population at max :170:
    So I built cities of 35-40 k inhabitants, but never more. Reading of turkish tecnique has been a lightning strike on my head! But at most I can build an endless road, nothing more X( .
    The question is, can someone help me with the basis of the tecnique?
    I do not want the "optimum layout", I want at least the bsic to get started.
    Thanks everyone :170: