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  • When will you make a Patrician V?

    Patrician III was a great game, Patrician IV more or less. But it's been a long time now, and we need a new Patrician, other than the Caribbean series.

    Make Patrician V.


    - Make a game in the Mediterranean with all the great cities from the early centuries, like Rome, Carthage, etc. (no cannons or gun poweder, but with swords and arrows);

    - Make a huge Patrician V, allowing the player to choose where he wants to start from 5 locations. Either in the Baltic sea, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean, China+Japan, as well as South China sea, which includes Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia and last, but not least Eastern Africa and the Arabic Sea.

    - Maybe make a Campaign Version, as well as an Online Version (with server speeds ranging from 4/5 hours duration with things happening very fast to a few days, to weeks or months). Many players start in each city and only one, or a few (league) will win the game.

    - Don't forget to have great graphics, and new stuff, as well as making each city design different from the others. Maybe even let us personalize many things, the boats, the buildings, etc etc.