Funky Intro/pause screen colors!

  • Hey, I don't really know how to word it so I don't know if it's already been addressed on this forum or not, but does anyone else experience a weird purple and green messed up intro and pause menu? I apologize if this has been posted before or if it's common, but I couldn't find it :O I would post an image but don't know how lol. It's just all the colors when I start the game, and sometimes when I pause the game, are jacked up and turn different variants of purple and green. It doesn't impact the game in any way, I can still load, start, change options, etc., but it's weirding me out a bit and don't know if i have some settings wrong lol. It's well, WELL below my system specs of course, as old as it is, but is there something I can do to make it better?

  • Welcome on board, mate! :)

    Unfortunately I have no idea how to improve your game situation.
    But the image you mentioned can only raise your chances to find competent help. You just have to create a reply in this thread. Under the blank text field you'll see an attachment tab. The whole thing works similar to email attachments. You'll also find some information in our > forum help <.

    In addition to a screenshot it can be useful to post a) your operating system b) your graphics card and c) your graphics driver version.