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    I have owned Patrician IV for probably a couple of years and never could launch it. Get an error message.

    Can someone, anyone, inform me how to launch the game making whatever adjustments are required to a laptop running Win 7?

    Please, I paid money for a game which won't run for a lot of people and need some technical help. How about one of the developers. Are any of them monitoring this website?

    Wow! See, the problem with many of the Win Vista, Win 7 and Win 8 games is that a MicroSoft update back in 2016 blew up the Windows 7 feature which allowed one to enter the authentication codes, so the games would no longer boot up. One had to delete that update. With Win 10, it seems to me improbable that older games could be installed because the authorization codes would not be accepted. The reason MicroSoft did this update in 2106 was to reduce the chance a hacker could access the system via the programming that allowed entry of the authorization codes.

    I refuse to use steam because I don't like the idea of the slow downloads, errors that gamers complain about and the fact you don't actually own the game, in your hand, to do with what you want, but rather you are really only leasing the right to use it.

    This is the reason I will not use Windows 10--I have too many older games which I run on Windows 7, and a few I run on Win XP. (I also have an old desktop running Win 98 for a few DOS games I still enjoy like Exploration, Caesar II, Colonization, Rise & Rule of Ancient Empires, Pirates! and Conqueror 1099 A.D..)

    So, question: Does Patrician III or IV install without an activation code? Or are you talking about a stream downloaded version, which I am not? (Those are two questions.)

    Thanks if you can clarify this. Appreciate your post.

    Umm, is everyone gone? Am I alone in the Patrician III world? I thought so. Physicists are now thinking that there is a 50% chance we are living in a simulation. I hope it is not a Patrician simulation because my crew and production costs always have me hanging on the edge of the financial doldrums.

    Hello. Hello.

    I have been playing Patrician II and III for many years and am quite good at it. I bought Patrician IV but the screen goes black when you load it. A waste .

    Once in awhile I capture a pirate ship that is so damaged it is not worth repairing in time and money. For example, I now possess a Hulk which is in only 1% condition. I don't want it. How do I scuttle a ship? :?:The crew won't take it to a location where I have a membership in a guild so I can sell it.


    One of the Hanse missions is to find a notorious pirate in the waters off Ladoga. I have a map of pirate locations from years ago but I cannot find the location near Ladoga/

    Can anyone tell me where to find the pirate? ?( Thank you.

    P. S. I have been playing Patrician II and Patrician III for years since they were released and never tire of the game. I bought Patrician IV but cannot get it to run on my Windows 7 machines.

    I bought two Patrician IV games because the first wouldn't run and I thought it might be the wrong edition or something. Neither CD will launch. I run a Nividia graphics display on my Windows 7 laptop and Patrician II and III run fine. I have no idea what to do and I am bummed out that I spent good money twice for a game which has technical issues.