Patrician IV won't launch. PLEASE Someone Respond

  • I have owned Patrician IV for probably a couple of years and never could launch it. Get an error message.

    Can someone, anyone, inform me how to launch the game making whatever adjustments are required to a laptop running Win 7?

    Please, I paid money for a game which won't run for a lot of people and need some technical help. How about one of the developers. Are any of them monitoring this website?

  • Hi MarriedYoung,

    This forum is run by players, the official P4-forum was closed by Kalypso a couple of years ago, so I don't expect a developer to monitor this forum frequently. The game is ten years old and the developers released five new games inbetween. Nevertheless you may send a mail to the publisher Kalypso Media ( with a description of your problem.

    They surely will need more information to help, like the following:

    Does the Kalypso-launcher run but the game won't start or does the launcher already cause the error message?

    What is the error message?

    Does your system satisfy the technical minimum requirements?

    Laptops often have an additional, internal (Intel-) GPU, make sure that the internal GPU is not used for the game.

    Probably they will need/ask for a dxdiag.