Scuttling one's own damaged ship

  • I have been playing Patrician II and III for many years and am quite good at it. I bought Patrician IV but the screen goes black when you load it. A waste .

    Once in awhile I capture a pirate ship that is so damaged it is not worth repairing in time and money. For example, I now possess a Hulk which is in only 1% condition. I don't want it. How do I scuttle a ship? :?:The crew won't take it to a location where I have a membership in a guild so I can sell it.


  • Umm, is everyone gone? Am I alone in the Patrician III world? I thought so. Physicists are now thinking that there is a 50% chance we are living in a simulation. I hope it is not a Patrician simulation because my crew and production costs always have me hanging on the edge of the financial doldrums.

    Hello. Hello.

  • Not altogether alone. Problem was, the Arbitrage trick ruined the game; it provided unlimited money, and took the challenge of building towns away. To answer your question, have no captain aboard the ship. If the crew is all red, fire them and rehire. Attach the ship to a convoy, it will sail.

    One of the old contests I had at the Tavern's Side Room (defunct) involved buying a ship at 1%, sailing it and capturing a pirate to get a jump forward in the game. Good old days ... long gone. :(