Is is possible to mod the game? What's the requirement (city number) to get the city building task from Alderman office?

  • Not sure if this forum is still active.
    Does anyone know how to mod the game?
    I bought the Patrician 4, played a number of hours, well they have added a lot of good stuff in it (like improved auto trade route management system, university research system, inland cities founding etc) but more things were removed.
    In the end, I found that I still enjoy Patrician 3 much more than 4. However there are a some things I would like to modify.

    One: if I start a game with the default map, there are only 24 cities, and I'm only able to get 2 city building missions from Alderman's office.
    I know I can change the number of starting cities in the mapeditor, or even the German MapAdjust tool, but I just like to be able to build cities that I can fully control with less production items, it is quite fun.
    If I start a game with like 38 cities on the map, I won't get any city building mission from the Alderman's office. There seems to be a hard limit that says "If the map has more than a certain number of cities, then do not offer any city building mission". Does anyone know what is this city number limit which you still get the city building mission? Or even better does anyone know how to change this number?

    The second thing I would like to mod is the speed of time in battle. It is a little too slow at times if I want to sail my ship to the other side of the screen, especially when the wind is against me.

  • Seems like no one knows about it.
    Fortunately I'm a programmer myself, I found out how to mod the game allowing me to accept city founding missions bypassing the 26 cities limit.
    I've done the hard work of finding out which address you need to modify using a free program called Cheat Engine.
    If anyone else is interested, you just need to modify the value of address 13275F using a hex editor. The original value is 1A which is 26 in decimal and you can change it to any number you like, such as 28 (40 in decimal) so you get to build new cities up to 40 in total.
    Note I never tested with a number more than 40, I think that may crash the game if you decide build another city when you already have 40 cities on the map, so try at your own risk. I don't recommend having it at 40 though, as it may mess up the pirate hideout mission.
    If anyone else is interested, I can also attach my copy of Patrician3.exe so you don't need to do the "cracking" yourself. I only have the English version 1.1 though, don't ask me for version of other languages as I don't have any other versions.

  • Let me add, this mod will work with any previously saved game. So you just need to modify the Patrician3.exe and load your previous game, you should now be able to get another city building task in the Alderman office (up to the number of cities you set).
    For the speed of battle, I still haven't got a clue of how to mod it. Perhaps I should leave it for now.

  • Nice man! i wanted to build more city from alderman office but time passed and no one apperead (alredy have 2). So i 've read your post and download a hex editor but i can't find the line 13275F. My version is 1.12 and is a Italian version. Can you help me out how mod the correct line? may can i send you my game for modding ?