Sendig ships to guard a boycotted town

  • Hi.
    Fun to see that there are still people playing this good old game. I am playing once a year or every second year since I rediscovered this game a few years ago. I bought the first version (Patrician I) many many years ago but I was never able to play it for a longer time before going bankrupt...
    I have a problem that happens every time I get ordered to provide a ship for a boycott (or blockade). I get a mail that tells me to have a ship ready to join a convoy in a city (last time it was Ripen) at a certain date. I was ordered to be there 26th of June so I sent a cog filled with weapons (improved to level 3) and it was there the 23rd. I tried to join a boycott comvoy the 25th but there were no such thing. I made one more try just after midnight the 26th - still no convoy and later that day I got a mail telling me that I was an asshole who had not sent any ship. Why was there no convoy to join ? Was it because I did not have any captain on my ship - but why would I need a captain to join a convoy ?
    I could, of course, load a saved game but I did not save for a loooong time before this happened and I am to lazy to do all the micromanagment until the 26th.
    I hope someone is still reaing this forum and can give me an answer.

  • Firstly, you have to send the ship they tell you, not a different one; it has to be in the harbor before the assigned day. Just leave it there. It will automatically begin the guarding of the harbor. When the boycott is over, goods will be very cheap that the town produces, and very high prices for the goods they demand. Load your ship with those goods, it will be first on the scene.

  • The message is deleted by now, but I am 99.9 % sure that they did not specify a certain ship - just "a ship".
    As I wrote I left the ship in the right town the 23rd and it should be there at 26th. The only thing I can think of that could be wrong is that it didn't have any captain...
    I know that the same thing happened to me 1 year ago in another game, possible bug ?

  • Kollba : The letter might have requested you to send a ship "suitable for convoy Leader". In this case you need to have a captain and you should form a Private Convoy and station it at the required Port a day earlier. It's bad that the letter got deleted.

    P.S. i THINK YOU CAN change the Letter settings to "NEVER DELETE", so that your letters do not get deleted after 20 or 40 days

  • The ship was upgraded to level 3 and filled with weapons. I do not think cannons were invented yet but there were ballistas, catapults and maybe bombards.

    I think I would remember if they were asking for a convoy leader... It is not the first time I play the game and it is not the first time this happens (to me).

    I changed the "delete order" to "never" after the message already was deleted.

    Anyway... I will try to remember the exact details next time it happens, but it can take a year or more before I start another game and I do not think they will give me the chance one more time in the game I am playing now.

  • Just in case this is still an issue for anyone. The way to complete this request is to send a ship to the requested town. Once the ship has docked, you have the ship join a convoy. Click the same button you would to create a convoy and select the convoy listed. I am not sure if you need the ship to be armed, but you definitely do NOT need a captain.

    I hope this helps anyone else playing the game. :)