Attacking pirate's nest & Economical equilibrium

  • Hi survivors of a time long past,

    Since this post seems to have some life left, I was hoping to find some help with a few of my questions.

    The first concerns pirate nests (Alderman mission). This mission is very tedious for me since I have a lot of trouble to attack the nest. When the black circle appears on the map and I click on it to attack, I works roughly one time out of ten ; the nine other times, the boat just stops on the circle and I get a message "Boat has reached its destination" without attack. This happens with all nests I tested. This is all the more tedious that I have to attack many times to destroy a single nest, so these missions are just undoable for me.

    Is it a known bug? I could not find any mention of it anywhere.

    Second, I reached a further point than I did when I was younger and I am starting to automate my supply lines progressively. I used the market halls numbers, tests to determine the distance between cities, and some spreadsheets. But even though I respect weekly consumption numbers some supplies (such as honey) tend to accumulate while others (ironware) do not. I suppose other merchants sell them which messes up the prices and my supply, but I find it strange that always the same goods are concerned. Is it only my imagination?

    A last question: I find it surprisingly hard to supply completely even a small part all the Hansa, I never seem to have enough of some goods. Of course I am expanding my businesses but sinde it will increase the population, I suppose the problem will just be tranferred to another good. I suppose my 30 construction goods factories (bricks, pitch, hemp) are adding new workers without helping the supply. Is there a rough estimate of the equilibrium between consumer goods factories and construction goods factories that achieve a good equilibrium for the supply?

  • Late answer for the firts request: Firts you have to get near the "black point" where the pirate hideout is, then click on it on the most external part of the circle. Is a matter of time then, just wait after the message "the (ship name) is arrived at its destination" is shown.

  • HELP :) have the same problem. I see black point, i click its external part around, hundred times, and my convoy go into city. I can only sell/buy. If i click left button on black circle i have an info about pirate cave. Black point appears there where Edinburgh town in my game. Could it be, cause i play with 40 cities moded map ?

    The only way was to become a pirate, attack the city, and then, after capturing the city, I got information about the defeated pirate.