Turkish building once again - explanation request

  • I've been trying my hand at turkish building again and have (again) run into problems when trying to go around corners. I'm trying my best to follow the "optimum layout"-excell spreadsheet that Parzival (i think) posted here. Using the "außenneck"-style shown very early on in this thread seems to work, BUT it leaves permament roads inbetween the houses, this ruins the "optimum layout" since there is no point in removing the houses afterwards and replacing them with factories (which is what the layout schematic shows in some cases). I've tried the "point road"-technique as well but it seems to create more roads unless the corner this technique is applied to is the very last corner and is therefore closed last. I might simply be using these techniques wrong but i feel like there is something missing. I've been looking through the forum and gone through this thread and other english ones extensively (but im sure i missed something) but in many cases the pictures are broken and translating every individual german post takes time (google translate only gives a general idea of what they're talking about).

    So here are a few scenarios i would like to have some input on:

    This is the scenario i am in right now, im building in malmö and need to go around two outer corners (the excell spreadsheet in the attachements shows what i am aiming to accomplish, i have highlighted the buildings in red). As you can see a lot of the town is already developed (but not in turkish style) however this section inside the 2nd town wall is untouched.

    Starting endless rows and continuing them is after a lot of practice an easy task, but i am completely dumbfounded when it comes to ENDING endless rows unless you start from an inner corner -> run into another inner corner/another road or hit a wall. What do you do when you run out of road? as you can see i can't place any more buildings further down the line (like you would normally do to protect agains't road formation), if i did so that building itself would create roads. However i can't just place the last house there since that will also create roads.

    Here is another example.

    Nearly there, the optimum layout is just a few houses from being completed, but i cant.. So frustrating! I can't place the factory without creating roads and even if i did, putting the house there would probably create road too, right? I think i have, somewhere, missunderstood something fundamental to the process of turkish building. How are you supposed to achieve the optimum layout at all? i've tried touching corners (which sort-of work) but it completely ruins the layout.

    Let's try and get this straight - The goal of turkish building is to first cut off access to the main roads in order to be free to unlock all the green space with a few temporary buildings. Then you start from some corner of the wall and slowly fill in the space, leaving only a small gap between the buildings along the roads, these gaps are then filled in last. Correct? Is there someone here who could explain, in broad terms if the lack of energy (or time) is too great to go into details, the process and the different "goals"? What do you aim to finish first and what do you aim to finish last.. etc etc.

    Here is another scenario (just in theory), two rows of factories are coming towards each other and will meet around an outer corner, what do i do here?

  • The “point road” method which required strict preconditions is not universal. In this case of Malmö you encountered, you have to build more factories elsewhere to raise the population of the town and wait until the water wells appear around the specific outer corner, it really need patience and technique.

    In actual fact this 1/4 part you mentioned above could not be perfectly blocked off inside the 2nd town wall, because there is a gap which is only one squared thin between the pool and the town gate. Thus you have to complete the construction of 3rd town wall then to finish this process. :crazy:

    Layout in the 1st town wall of Malmö in scheme and practice for reference.

    An interesting discovery recently by duguqun1225, a factory can be built outside the 3rd town wall in Novgrod, that is amazing indeed :D . However, once demonished by the prince’s army, it can not recover anymore.

  • I see.. in my current playthrough malmö 3rd wall is about 2/3 done so it wont be long before i can completely close it off.

    In the meantime however, are there no other ways than the "außenneck" and point road methods? the first ruins the layout and the other is, as you pointed out, only useful in certain conditions. What should i do until then? Expansion of my industries are limited since i havn't been able to fully cut off the main avenues in any of my cities. :I

    I'm just wondering what my options are, if there are any other methods?

  • The “optium layout” presented in the excel is an ideal scheme, however, one has to compromise when practice in reality in some particular instance.

    Building around an outer corner relied largely on water wells and town walls. When there is no wells and town wall available, and the “point road” method is unfeasible, it is definitely impossible to build an outer corner losslessly.

    I guess that the “unilateral silk road” method is what you want, it is universal to build around an outer corner and only two squared land was sacrificed.

    There is an outer corner in Malmö to which the “unilateral silk road” method could be applied.

    1.Creating a section of “silk road”.

    2.Build a factory to block off one side of the corner.

    3. Build two houses to block off the other side of the corner.

    That is how the “unilateral silk road” method works. In this case the “silk road” did not contradict the optium layout, but one could not be always so lucky.

    Another example in Stockholm.

    I suggest that you be patient and practice more to develop the concept of “Turkish building”

  • Awesome! It's great to have alternatives to work with, thank you!

    I understand what you're saying, the optimum layout is a theoretical idea that is not often feasible in practice.. much like i had started to suspect. It is good to learn more tips and techniques and i will start using them immediatly. Seems like i have been striving for perfection when "perfection" was not possible in the first place. x) I will go back and pactice and then post some pictures of my results. Thank you for your most generous support!

  • Again in Ladoga. The pristine green land of the right-most 1/4 part could not remain intact if it was unlocked in the 1st wall, so wait until the 2nd wall finished then to unlock the green land there.

    1.Unlock the pristine green land around the arsenal.

    2.No road is being created by house 6 because of the special gap right next to it.

    3.Creat a point road inside the 2nd town wall.

    4.Erase the point road.

    5.Ajust the buildings near the arsenal.

    Done. :)

  • How to unlock the green lands between the town gate and the pool in right part of Malmö with the smallest possible land loss? The point road which was extended to a silk path works in this case.

    1.Creat a point road.

    2.Extend the point road to a silk path by houses.

    3.Take a turn.

    4.Terminate road creation and unlock the green land around the pool.


    The silk path eventually extended to 25 squares long, not a slight price of unlocking the green lands.