Turkish building once again - explanation request

  • First of all: hello to everyone! ^^
    I've been reading the board for quite a time now, but only that late did I decide to register and ask you for some more explanation about a specific case concerning the Turkish technique. Namely, when the avenue takes a turn, I can build 2 rows' junction on the 'inner' side of the road, but I haven't found a way, or any information for that sake, to joining rows on the 'outer' side of the road. I wanted to post some screenshots, but apparently I forgot how to take them, despite having some in the 'grab' folder :giggle: So I'm realying on your imagination, if anyone acknowledged with the technique still checks the forums at all.
    So after all those years PIII is still the best title of its kind, and after, wow, it'd be like 10 years, of casual playing, I decided to get a bit deeper into the game mechanics. I hope you guys are still enjoying the game as much as I do :rolleyes_:


  • Welcome to the board, Silverdust (it's quite some time since an english tongued post has been put out here). :wave2:

    The problem, you mentioned, is a basic one to turkish building pattern.
    If you want to search the board by yourself (there are several posts, of course in German, but quite often supplied with pics) the German keyword is "Außenkurve" respectively "Außeneck".

    Meanwhile, propably these pictures will help:

    One made by our fellow Gunter, which shows our standard solution to the question. (place the houses in order of the numbers on them):

    Same solution schematical:

  • Hey Jan :D

    Thank you for the information! Although, while looking at Moyor of Smyrna screenshots I didn't notice there any 'holes'. Isn't there a lossless way to build around the corners? I checked through the german forums and found some interesting info, but not the one I'm looking for concerning this case ;( I'm trying to build around the easternmost corner of Stockholm layout (this seems to be most common as far as I can see) with 3rd wall built, but to no result.
    The images at http://home.arcor.de/gunter001/TuerkischBau.html seem long gone and I as far as I can understand the text there describes similar case.

    And so it leaves me puzzled as to how to cope with it..

  • If you're lucky, there are water wells in the vicinity. Then you may use this approach (or similar).
    Regarding Gesils screenshots^, assume the wells to be one square buildings. You gain street-tightness by touching corners.


    Any location within five squares distance will do:

    In case of the road is short (maximum of 9 respectively 10 squares long) you may try these:

  • Hello,Silverdust.

    Generally it is difficult to find a lossless way to build around the corners.

    However,the "Point Road" way is the exception. It is very helpfull especially when there is only one corner left. :eek2:

    There is an example in Rostock.

  • Another example in Reval inside the 1st city wall.

    The “Point road” is created as while as the inside part is isolated from the main road.

    And the “Point road” can be removed by building a house onto it .

  • Very well. This works great!

    If someone wants to check out by himself - I prepared the Rostock location in the enclosed savegame.

  • It's a pity your pictures gone loose. Maybe you can re-up them using this forum's domestic storage. It would be worth the effort! tia!

    Meanwhile, let me show what worked for me using your pattern in Rostock.

  • LOL - that´s brilliant.

    Yeah that would really be worth the effort to post those pictures in the forum´s domestic storage.

    Never saw that before. It is a great possibility to build around a corner. :170:

  • Here are - once again - the pics Parzival posted (thanks again to him).
    I took them from the Chinese site he linked.
    This time they are stored to our own space and thus will be permanent.

    First: the original Chinese scheme (as far as I understood by "icrayer" - just like all following pics)
    The Chinese writing means "point road"

    Second: icrayer's Rostock 'Point Road' pattern (7 figures)








  • Because we talked about this problem at the Hansetag last weekend:
    This is STOCKHOLM layout - the last corner of the western quarter (where no well will ever appear).



    Step 1:

    Step 2:


  • And the last of STOCKHOLM. The eastern quarter. The well appears upon reaching 39.500 people.



    Step 1:


    Final check:

  • Excellent job!

    The water wells and (1st\ 2nd)town wall are convenient tools to use the “point road” method
    (or more formal “one squared road”in English).

    As far as I know, the first player who discovered the so called “point road” method to build around a outer corner is "sandoabc".

    A simple case in Rostock inside the secondary town wall.

  • I'm really glad to see that the Patrician community still produces significant innovations even after a decade. Yet I'd have missed it if Jan hadn't shown it at the Hansetag. Lübeck is a lovely city, by the way.

    But Parzival, though I knew that there was a Baidu community for P3, the written Chinese frightened me enough not to dig in deeper into that community. How often do you dig in there, quite often, right? Google Chrome translate function is a wonderful thing. What's your mother tongue?

    I ask this because I see that this Chinese discovery, invention, you name it, is fairly recent whereas it took us two years (from 2010 to 2012) to take notice of a comparatively minor bug published at an Italian community whose alphabet everybody knows.

    Wow, you can actually destroy a point road by overbuilding it. But why? I guess because the program thinks that any two connected points form a grid that becomes "legitimate" in the eyes of the construction program whereas a single point like a point road gets more treated like a sinkhole that you'd easily overbuild.

  • I was born in Xi'an, so I am a native Chinese speaker.I began to play P3 since 2009,quite late.I joined the community of P3 bar of Baidu one year later where I learned some useful techniques of the Turkish building. I visited it quite often recently,but not always.

    The original P3 Chinese forum is “Okkq”,I have not ever visited this site because it has been shut down in the year 2009,just the same year I began to play this game. Then most Chinese players choose Baidu forum as a substitute.

    Sandoabc invented the “point road”pattern in “Okkq”,that means earlier than 2009,I heared of this from some senior players who were ever members of the “Okkq”. So the“point road”pattern is definitely the patent of sandoabc.

    In Baidu forum,sandoabc published only one postconcerning of “point road” in 2010,but he tolded us of “point road”pattern being applied to building around a outer corner.

    Generally,two point roads form a section of determined road.However,this rule is not universal,it concerns many factors such as the directions,lenth of vicinity, types of buildings,etc.Some point road can not be elimated because it become one stoned squared road once it was created.

    If you really want to dig in deeper into that community,you'd better register the forum because Baidu limits the rights of non registered members.

    There are too many posts in P3 bar,but only about 450 essential postsare specially classified.We discussed many things here such as history,culture,funs,economy,programing,etc. Welcome to join us!

  • Thank you, very much! A real Chinese on board... anyway, I just tried to register myself at Baidu, but it seems that you need a Chinese phone number to do so and as a German, I don't have such a thing. Sorry. At least for those 450 special flowsnakes you talked about.