Turkish Building Technique in easier form please!!

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    I've read some of the tricks below and most of them are very very hard to understand. With regards to the Turkish Building Technique - could someone please explain it in plain english? I've read the post below by Mayor of Smyrna as well as Ugh!'s document. One is in German, the other is very hard to understand :(

    If someone could help me that would be very appreciated!!!!


    Happy Easter all

  • Now I would say the Chinese players are the most professional in Turkish Building because of the huge population of China.

    ¿How could we miss this argument yet? Obviously there's only one in four persons Chinese. Thus we are the most. Conclusions as above ;) .

    There's a description of Turkish style basics in this board's »Tippsammlung«. I do know, because I've written this chapter all by myself. And it's larger in text and picture than the Chinese site (this is a strong argument, because information's a case of number, isn't it? :rolleyes: ). Pityfully its in German (»sounds like Chinese«). But feel free to ask about in English (or is it American?). You're welcome!