The New Patrician: English Language Thread

  • we need good artwork for patrician 4. like the artwork that was in patrician 1.

    i definitely do not want to see another game 'hey look ! cute miniature towns and cute walking small people' format. it totally breaks off historical immersion and mood. patrician 2, 3, and all offshoots of that gaming engine was in that fashion. it didnt actually mean anything whether you were playing patrician 3 or port royale, despite the games had a good 250 years in historical timeline in between their worlds. they all looked the same 'ah miniature cute towns'.

    patrician i was so immersive in atmosphere in that by playing it for 1-2 hours, you got a late medieval mindset. it was so engaging.

  • Hi unity100,
    welcome to our forum!

    @ all: Since most of the new stuff about P4 is in German, you might like this one: Watch Daniel presenting Patrician IV at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Los Angeles.


    "Wir sind verletzt, aber wir stehen wieder auf."

    Berlin - Breitscheidplatz, zum 19. Dezember 2016.

    P2 1.1/P4 2.0.4

  • Advancing senility, no doubt. ;) A number of us from TSR have arrived at the Kalypso forum including Rookie (under a different name, Thorin Oakenshield), yellowsz, Truetom, even Robber Baron, and others.

    Don't know why Mac shut it down without notice ... unless it was the conservative politics you kept posting, or the fact I returned for a bit. I contemplate a new TSR site, but want to make sure there is a tavern's side room, after all.

  • Thanks Charlotte

    Baltic, yeah I am getting older, and it was so long ago i think it was an old email, so i couldnt even use the forgot button.

    I will have to hook up at Kalypso too .. some more great debates to jump into.

    Yeah i never thought my politics irritated Mac that much, or so he made it seem. :giggle: I think the inevitable was coming, and he seemed detached and busy with work. Or was he getting buyer's remorse and couldn't stand it?

  • BT, i think i'll stick with whistling here, and abandon the cromagnum.

    As per your first post, my list is over in the Off-Topic section under the thread "P4 Intrigue in the Hanse" I'm kinda interested if any of it crept into P-IV, would be cool if it did.