Progress Report 1307

  • Financially a very successful year. Not only did I catch up to the required CV, but I also managed to amass enough to send over 200 M offshore as a starting cushion for 1308.
    All convoys were adjusted but some did not yet arrive at their destination so some raw materials are lacking. As far as grain is concerned, it may look like there is a shortfall but with over 870 grain farms there is sufficient capacity for 800,000 citizens. I just sold 5,000 bales to reduce storage costs.
    I have ceased to grant credits, it became bothersome and is no longer necessary for the bottom line.

    My next update will be once I have used up all building spaces or reached 1 M citizens.


    CV 1.5 Billion
    Citizens 801,949
    Ships 2,135 with a tonnage of 64,782 I guess I can stop building new ships.
    Businesses 6,723

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new
    Wer niemals einen Fehler gemacht hat, hat noch nie etwas neues probiert Albert Einstein

  • Half time

    June 30, 1307

    CV 705 M
    Population 501,883 ( I'm getting dizzy :D )
    Businesses 4,328
    Ships: enough ;)

    I'm cruising in formerly unkown waters. Let's see how I can cope for the rest of the year.

  • Completing 4 months of game time in 4 hours is a new personal best. In spite of the speed it worked out ok. The supply convoys only get adjusted when towns show signs of lacking goods. If some souls emmigrate, so what, They'll all be back before the end of the game. :D
    Then end is in sight :banana:

    12. 31. 1307

    CV 1.08 Billion
    Population 583,433
    Businesses 5,035

    My fleet of over 1,800 ships is large enough, at least for now.

  • The year is 3/4 over. Just over half of the town have no more building lots. Where will it end? Maybe around 8,500 businesses.

    Sept 30, 1309

    CV 1.5 Billion
    Population 653k
    Ships 1,878
    Businesses 5,735

    For a while I was short of salt, which lead to shorrtge of fish and whale oil. I can attest to it that people do get cranky when whale oil is missing. It seems to be almost as essential as beer, grain and fish.

  • I guess I should post my year-end stats

    CV 1.5 Billion including nestegg
    Population 708k
    Businesses 6,234
    Ships: enough; more than Anne Bonny :D

    There are only a limitted number of vacant lots.