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Donnerstag, 30. August 2018, 11:34

Captains dont appear in taverns

Hello everybody,

sorry if my question doesnt belong in this section, but I dont know where else to ask.
Ive been recently playing Patrician 3 multiplayer with a friend, and we have noticed that captains completely stopped appearing in taverns. We have both managed to get one captain at the start of the game, but now we are 2 years in and cant find a single one. Just to test this I built an office or sent ship to every single city on the map and couldnt find a single captain anywhere. If i dismiss my one captain, he stays in a tavern for a while and then disappears forever.
We play on map with 32 cities (if I try a starting map with 33 or more, the game always crashes) and its just the standard 24 cities map with few more added. There are also other problems like loans given by me not being repaid or town hall notices not working. I dont mind these, but the captains are really importaint to progress with the game in any meaningful way. Otherwise Im just stuck with microing trade lanes manually and cant really focus on anything else.

So I want to ask if there is any solution that could make the captains start spawning again, or at least any way to prevent this problem if I start a new game.